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Machinery & Engineering


The company would like to market their product SILKOT 70-80 in the USA. The SILKOT machine is intended primarily for localized repairs to surface cracks, fissures and potholes. The device uses an infrared radiant panel for heating the repair area and recycles asphalt cut from the road surface to supplement the refill material. This reuse, of what would otherwise be waste material, puts this kind of repair on a whole new level economy wise. Repairs carried out using this device are definite and, thanks to the machine's ability to work all year round, can replace so-called cold patching.

Contact: Kvetoslav Horinek

Address: 135-A Log Trail Drive, Ballwin, MO 63011

Telephone: +1 661 645 9201

E-mail: kspv.tech@gmail.com 

Web: www.kspv-tech.com

Uploaded: Sept 8, 2011



Elpa Kupecek, s.r.o.

The company offers complex customized projection and manufacturing of machinery, electric equipment and software, controlled movable mechanisms, handling manipulators, modular work cells with robots for the assembling, handling, painting and welding areas, assembling work benches and sectional technological workplaces, single-purpose machine tools and various customized technologies, conveyers and overhead, pallet, belt and roller conveyer systems. The company employs quality components of renowned European manufactures only and their products comply with international standards IEC, EN, CSA, UL quality control system in compliance with ISO9001:2000, certified by the Swiss SQS authority.

Elpa Kupecek, s.r.o,. is interested in exporting to the US and technically representing a US company in the Czech Republic.

Contact: Ing. Zdenek Kupecek, Manager
Address: Dolni nabrezi 3139, 407 47 Varnsdorf, Czech Republic
Telephone: +420-412-370-391, fax: +420-412-370-953, mobil: +420-602-468-286,
E-mail: elpakupecek@telecom.cz
Web: www.elpakupecek.cz


EMP s.r.o. Slavkov u Brna

  • Producer of asynchronous motors and electric pumps.
  • The company founded in 1994 (former MEZ Brno) and has 120 employees
  • Looking for importers in the USA (previous cooperation with the US company Monroe in Connecticut)

Mr. Vladimir Mogis, CEO
Address: Nadrazni 394, 684 01 Slavkov u Brna, Czech Republic
Phone: +420-544-423-013, Cell: +420-602-737-183
E-mail: mogis@emp-slavkov.cz

Web: www.emp-slavkov.cz

Geolink Group Praha a. s./TCTM Limited


  • Know-how for crude oil extraction (thermodynamic technique)
  • Looking for partners in the USA

Mr. Zdenek Koller, Chairman

Address: Milady Horakove 103/66, 106 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic
Phone: +420-224- 318- 805, Fax: +420-224-316-760,
E-mail: z.koller@geolink.cz


SFI Group - Zbrojovka ZTM, a. s. Slusovice

·        Producer of air jet weaving machines

·        Looking for customers in the USA

Mr. Josef Muzik
Address: Nam. Svobody 57, P.O. Box 12, 763 15 Slusovice, Czech Republic
Phone: +420-577-101-443, Fax: +420-577-101-443, Cell: +420-733-504-314
E-mail: muzik@zbrojovkaztm.cz
Web: www.zbrojovkaztm.cz, www.sfias.net

BENDA Trade s.r.o.


Konviktska 291/24
110 00 Praha 1
Stare Mesto
Czech Republic

Phone: (+420) 222 005 119
Cell: (+420) 777 743 991

The Benda Trade company, an innovator and the owner of an ultrasonic production line, has launched the GEOWEB product in the Czech and Slovak markets and penetrated the US market with an American patent. Specifically, the company focuses on floor foundation problems and has developed a unique method of building flat foundations for floors.  The company is currently seeking business partners in the US. To understand their ground breaking product, please see the following webpages and catalogue.


TM Jesenice servis, s.r.o.

Zahradni 38
270 33  Jesenice
Phone: (+420) 313 599 000
Fax: (+420) 313 599 357
Cell: (+420) 602 599 666
E-mail: mtomecek@iol.cz
Web: http://www.tmjesenice.cz
Contact person: Mr. Milan Tomecek

TM Jesenice is a manufacturer of circular and band saws and related equipment. The company would like to penetrate the US market and is looking for importers and distributors.

Mavel, a.s.

Jana Nohy 1237
256 01  Benesov
Phone: (+420) 602 315 875
Fax: (+420) 317 727 255
E-mail: jeanne@mavel.cz
Web: http://www.mavel.cz
Contact person: Ms. Jeanne L. Hilsinger

Mavel is an engineering and manufacturing company of turbines and related technology for hydroelectric power plants from 2kW to 20 MW.

OLYMPUS C&S, spol. s r.o.

Evropska 176
160 00  Praha 6
Phone: (+420) 221 985 212
Fax: (+420) 221 985 505
E-mail: hanzlik@olympus.cz
Web: http://www.olympus.cz
Contact person: Mr. Petr Hanzlik, Managing Director

OLYMPUS C&S produces accessory equipment for cameras and medical systems -- bioanalytics, diagnostics, endoscopy etc.

BCS Engineering, a.s.
Purkynova 79a
657 25 Brno
Phone: (+420) 541 597 101, 541 210 432
Fax : (+420) 541 249 651
E-mail: info@bcs-eng.cz
Web: www.bcs-eng.cz

BCS Engineering, a.s., a private joint stock company, provides its customers with complete services necessary in the course of construction of new investment plants and/or modernization or intensification of existing production units in the following areas:

• chemistry and petrochemistry
• food-processing industry
• power production industry
• pneumatic conveying of powdery materials
• environmental protection projects
• instrumentation and electrical

Company is soon to be ISO 9001 certified. BCS Engineering is looking for partners (designers,contractors) to extend its activities on the US market.

Hennlich Engineering

Ceskolipska 9
Litomerice 412 01
Phone: (+420) 416 711 352
Fax: (+420) 416 711 999
E-mail: engineering@hennlich.cz, votruba@hennlich.cz
Web: www.hennlich.cz
Contact person: Mr. Vitezslav Votruba, Manager

Hennlich Engineering is a distributor of components and technology used in the final production in steel, hydraulic, chemical and paper industry. The firm is seeking importers and distributors in the U.S.

Pavol Floris

Levobrezni ul. 8
190 00 Praha 9
Phone: (+420) 226 066 708
Cell: (+420) 724 201 698
Fax: (+420) 233 542 494
E-mail: cerpadlo@sasbrno.cz
Contact person: Mr. Pavol Floris

The company is looking for business cooperation in manufacturing of wind pumps, hand pumps and combined pumps.

PBS, a.s.

Prumyslova Ctvrt
674 86 Trebic
Phone: (+420) 568 504 105
Fax: (+420) 737 262 876
E-mail: sykora@pbstre.cz
Web: www.pbstre.cz
Contact person: Mr. Peter Sykora, Marketing Manager

PBS is a high-quality manufacturer and supplier of parts for energy and heating projects and is looking for new possible importers and buyers in the U.S.

TOS Kurim-OS

Blanenska 257
6643 34 Kurim
Phone: (+420) 541 102 705
Fax: (+420) 541 103 266
E-mail: michal.kolar@tos-kurim.cz
Web: www.tos-kurim.cz
Contact person: Mr. Michal Kolar

TOS Kurim is a manufacturer of milling machines, single purpose machines, and automatic machining lines, large milling machines as well as machine centers for non rotary parts equipped with chain type tool magazines for automatic tool change. The company is seeking representation in the U.S.


Husnovska 2022
683 03 Stare Mesto
Phone: (+420) 572 434 311
E-mail: pilat@rayservice.com
Web: www.rayservice.com
Contact person: Mr. Josef Pilat

RAYSERVICE is a manufacturer of cable harnesses for transportation, military systems and the game machines. It is looking for importers and distributors in the U.S.

AUTO MOTIVE Industrial

Dvorecka 460/13
147 01 Praque 4
Phone: (+420) 261 216 405
E-mail: malkova@automotive-prague.cz
Web: www.automotive.cz
Contact person: Ms. Jana Malkova
Auto Motive Industrial, a manufacturer of hydraulic lifts, supplies automotive makers Skoda Auto, VW, Toyota, Porsche.All products are ISO 9001:2000 and CE certified, and all the electric components are UL listed.. The firm currently has a distributor in Cleveland, OH, and is looking for customers and distributors in other states.


Semechnice 132
518 01 Dobruska
Phone/Fax: (+420) 443 642 252, (+420) 443 668 252
E-mail: pzp@pzp.cz
Web: www.pzp.cz
Contact person: Mr. Vaclav Prokop

The company PZP Komplet is a major manufacturer of heating devices, thermal pumps, vacuum techniques, technological switchboards and industrial electrical engineering. The company is seeking agents, distributors in the U.S.


Tesinska 1586/66,746 01 Opava
Phone: (+420) 553 872 417
Fax: (+420) 553 872 415
E-mail: vlckova@ostroj.cz
Web: www.ostroj.cz
Contact person: Ms. Gabriela Vlckova

OSTROJ Opava a. s., is a manufacturer of various types of hydraulic systems, machines for mining industry, hydraulic and loading cranes, forging products, tooling and single purpose machine products and surface treated products. The company is looking for cooperation with the U.S. importers and distributors to expand its business activities in the U.S. All products ISO 9001 a VDA 6.1 certified.


Repi 16
533 32 Pardubice
Phone: (+420) 466 971 132
Fax: (+420) 466 971 261
E-mail: ovz@pohorelec.cz
Web: www.pohorelec.cz
Contact person: Mr. Jan Pohorelec

Jan Pohorelec - OVZ is a family business entity with more than 14 years of tradition and business experience in the area of air conditioning and air-condition. The device Guard 250, Guard 500 provides immediate protection for people against radioactive, chemical and bacteriological contamination and can fasten even the elements of anthrax by 100 percent with the built-in filter ventilation inlay. The device was patented in the Czech Republic and has also acquired the EN certificates. The company is looking for U.S. buyers of this unique product.


Fax: (+420) 596 790 206
E-mail: hozst@Telecom.cz
Web: www.horak-hozst.cz
Contact person: Mr. Miroslav Horak

Horak-Hozst is a manufacturer of shelving, racking, metal furniture, shelf stowing machines, rotary containers, and manipulation lines.


Rokycanova 29
615 00 Brno
Phone/Fax: (+420) 548 216 651
E-mail: askom@askom.cz
Web: www.askom.cz
Contact person: Mr. Valdemar Dittrich

Askom Ltd. is a producer and supplier of hot asphalt mixing plants.


Drnovska 294
161 00 Praha 6
Phone: (+420) 268 330 445
Contact person: Mr. Josef Husek, General Manager   

Area of Business Activities:

- Export-Import of vehicles for railways and city transport.
- Export-Import of chemical and petrochemical products.
- Providing services for foreign companies on the territory of the Czech Republic and former Soviet Union in the 
  areas of consulting, barter trade, promotion of products and services, representation of companies, coordinating
  of delivery activities in the area of investment units, etc.


Tovarni 32
344 01 Domazlice
Phone: (+420) 189 724741
Fax: (+420) 189 722 764
E-mail: destaprodej@iol.cz
Web: http://i-net.cz/desta06
Contact person: Mr. Karel Novak

Desta-CZ is a Czech company manufacturing fork-lift trucks since 1928. Desta also produces DESTAROL "Zamboni" ice resurfacers for sports centers. Wide range of the Desta's products includes forgings, castings, molds, and stampings. For turning operation, welding, varnish (lacquer) operation, assembly (mounting), stamping of components, components for lathes, etc., please contact the company at the above listed address.

FRIGERA 21 a.s.

Zengrova 110
280 59 Kolin
Phone: (+420) 321 754 345
Ffax: (+420) 321 728 507
E-mail: fantura@frigera.cz
Web: www.frigera.cz
Contact person: Mr. Miroslav Fantura - Executive Director

Czech company Frigera 21 is a manufacturer of condensation units, industrial and transport cooling, heat pumps, air conditioning for rail vehicles, low temperature appliances and freezers of plasma. The company is looking for new business and production partners in the USA.

CEMAT s.r.o.

ul. CSA 196
73551 Bohumin - Pudlov
Phone: (+420) 696 013 541-3
Fax: (+420) 696 013 522
E-mail: cemat@ostrava.cesnet.cz
Web: http://www.cemat.cz
Contact person: Kamil Cerny, Director

CEMAT s.r.o. company would like to offer a co-operation in area of their manufacture program based on renovation and repair handling equipment {high/low forklift and other forklift trucks or material equipment} The CEMAT company pursues these services long time as for inland Czech and Slovak market but specially for export to Scandinavian countries and west Europe. The Cemat company is now interested in extending its manufacture and repairing capacity. The co-operation would be mutual and in a good standard.


Svatoslavova 17
140 00 Praha 4
Phone: (+420) 602 793 818
E-mail: proconsult@iol.cz

Proconsult výtahy, s.r.o. produces interior lifting mechanism for vertical transportation of people. This company is looking for new business or production partners in the USA.

MEPOL a.s.

Opolanska 350
289 07 Libice nad Cidlinou
E-mail: mepol@pha.pvtnet.cz
Contact Person: Zdenek Ebner

MEPOL is a well known producer of small agriculture machinery, gear boxes and tailor engineering products. They have many years of experiences and would like to expand their business to the United States.


Prazska 322
501 47 Hradec Kralove
Phone: (+420) 495 821 111
Fax. (+420) 495 822 821
Contact person: Mr. Jan Rott - Sales Manager

Czech manufacturer of food industry equipment (microbreweries, sugar factories, distilleries) and equipment for other industrial sectors (ecology, chemical, pharmaceutical, and power industry) is seeking new production or business partners in the United Sates.


691 54 Tynec u Breclavi 142a
Phone/Fax: (+420) 627 922 491(2)
Contact person: Mr. Radek Ostraticky

Producer and supplier of special agricultural machines and equipments intended for soil preparation and plant treatment in vineyards and orchards. Production includes:

• swinging knife sections
• moving swinging sections
• knife reapers
• weeders and cultivators for soil preparation
• saw disk cuting bars for orchards and forest

Ostraticky Co. is also able to supply other kinds of machinery including ploughs and cultivators for tractors with engine power from 10 to 60 HP.


nam. Ceskych bratri 8
316 00 Plzen
Phone: (+420) 197 732 804
Fax: (+420) 197 220 474
Contact person: Ms. Polkova Jana

Skoda Trading's main exporting activity is machine production of Skoda cars.


Export Department
Hybesova 53
678 23 Blansko
Phone: (+420) 506 494 115
Fax: (+420) 506 494 115
Largest producer of measuring instruments in the Czech Republic. Long tradition dating back to its formation in 1911 as a manufacturer of electric measuring instruments and regulation technology. Its business activities include:

ELECTROTECHNOLOGY: the development, manufacture, design, sale, and servicing of electric measuring instruments, elements and control and regulation technology for a wide range of uses, particularly industry, transport and the power engineering field.

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: the construction, manufacture and sale of machine parts for the assembly of machinery and equipment which require high quality and precision parts. The construction, manufacture, and sale of special tools made to measure according to customer requirements.

COOPERATION: the realization of projects for the assembly of mechanical, electric, and electronic sets and products made to measure according to the requirements of the company business partners. Metra Blansko a.s. has already introduced a quality control system in accordance with ISO 9001.

ZVVZ a.s.

Sazinova 888
399 25 Milevsko
Phone: (+420) 368 553 157
Fax: (+420) 368 553 159
E-mail: zvvzmkt@mi.cesnet.cz
Web: http://www.zvvz.cz
Contact Person: Mr. Stanislav Kazecky, General Director

ZVVZ designes, manufactures, supplies, assembles, puts into operation, provides servicing:

• separation and dust collecting with electrostatic separators and cloth filters
• axial, radial and special fans
• pneumatic conveying of the loose material
• cistern semi-trailers, containers
• air-conditioning and ventilation systems
• air-handing piping, flue gas ductings including accessories


Na Pankraci 30
140 00 Praha 4
Phone/Fax: (+420) 261 001 242
E-mail: prchal.zdenek@jihostroj.cz
Contact Person: Zdenek R. Prchal

Jihostroj, joint-stock company is intending to increase its production and is looking for new customers. They offer a large range of hydraulic elements and units for construction of hydraulic circuits, hydraulic gear pumps, motors, hydraulic cylinders, power steering for lorries and tractors, oil tanks with built in filter, flow dividers, electrohydraulic servovalves etc.


Vaclavske namesti 802/56
11000 Praha 1
Phone: (+420) 224 032 789
Cell: (+420) 606 734 833
Fax: (+420) 222 212 026
E-mail:  haroun@strojexport.cz
Web: www.strojexport.cz

STROJEXPORT a.s. is a leading Czech export company with headquarters in Prague. We have been in business without interruption for 54 years during which the company has established itself very well in many regions around the world.  The fine tradition of STROJEXPORT is its ability and persistence to connect the elite of Czech industrial manufacturers with the needs of our international clientele in more than fifty (50) countries.  We export:

*    Air Handling, Heating and Cooling Equipment.
*    Sewage Disposal Plants, Incineration Plants.
*    Power Engineering Equipment.
*    Modular and Mobile Airports and Heliports.
*    Multifunctional Containerised Kits Construction.
*    Industrial Furnaces.
*    Building, Road-Making.
*    Special Purpose Vehicles.
*    Material Handling Equipment.
*    Fuel Dispensers and Gas Stations.
*    Equipment for Railways.
*    Pneumatic Knocking and Drilling Tools.
*    Equipment for the Food Processing Industry.
*    Medical Field Equipment.
*    JAWA motorcycles. 

We are looking for U.S. importers / distributors primarilly (but not limited) for the following products / equipment:
*    Mini breweries (pub breweries) for alcoholic and / or nonalcoholic beer.
*    Track stabilizers and / or other special railroad repair and maintenance vehicles.
*    Sewage disposal plants.
*    Industrial furnaces
*    Medical field equipment (mobile ambulances, inflatable field hospital tents etc.)

Kloknerova 9                                                                                     
140 00 Prague 4                                                                                 
Phone: (+420) 255 701 333    
Fax: (+420) 255 701 312       
Web: www.uniplet.cz                                                       

The UNIPLET Corp. company offers and supplies fully electronic small diameter knitting machines in wide scale of the gauges (diameter of the cylinder, number of needles).

The UNIPLET company provides prompt spare parts delivery, machine installation, technical assistance by after-sales service, technical support and training activities at its training center or directly by customer as well. These activities are provided by skilled and experienced technicians of the Technical services department.

The UNIPLET company exports approximately 95% of its production. Knitting machines with the UNIPLET brand work in more than 100 countries of five continents. The firm design bringing adjustment stability, functional reliability, extraordinary efficiency, long durability and high quality of knitted fabric are mostly appreciated by customers. Customers highly evaluate also the prompt and professional service with full customer support. Because of that facts Uniplet is one of the top small diameter knitting machines manufacturers all over the world.

The UNIPLET is interested in cooperation with the U.S. producers of knitting machines with the same focus.

Červinka - Czech Republic s.r.o.
Rostislavova 1265
Uherské Hradiště
686 01
Česká republika

Tel.: +420 572 570 961
Fax.: +420 572 570 961
Mobile: +420 606 672 220
Skype: cervinka-czech.republic
E-mail: info@hasicitechnika.com

Web:  www.hasicitechnika.com/en/

Manufacturer and distributor of fire extinguishers and hydrant systems seeking partners in the US