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Gimborn Ceska republika s.r.o.

The company produces and distributes pet supplies and accessories and is looking for US, Canadian and Mexican business partners.
Contact: Dusan Pirc, export manager
Address: Do Certous 2634/7, Horni Pocernice, 193 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic
Telephone: +420-255-734-555, fax: +420-255-734-502
E-mail: d.pirc@gimborn.cz
Web: www.gimborn.cz


American Motorcycle/American Dream Machines Europe Ltd. - Czech Republic Branch, a. s.

The company manufactures patented machines for deformation-free punching of closed profiles. The company is seeking US partners for importing its products.
Contact: Tomas Marek
Address: Na Strzi 65/1702, 140 62, Praha 4 - Pankrac, Czech Republic
Telephone: +420-608-367-423, fax: +420-315-626-656
E-mail: admltd@email.cz
Web: www.admltd.eu

Addex, s.r.o.

The company, founded in 1997, specializes in market research, marketing and advertising. It is interested in working with US companies on the market in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.
Contact: Ing. Zdenek Broz
Address: Zakourilova 3, 149 00, Praha 4 - Chodov, Czech Republic
Telephone: +420-241-021-481, fax: +420-241-021-489, mobil: +420-605-299-199
E-mail: broz@addex.cz
Web: www.addex.cz

OLYMPUS C&S, spol. s r.o.

Evropska 176
160 00  Praha 6
Phone: (+420) 221 985 212
Fax: (+420) 221 985 505
E-mail: hanzlik@olympus.cz
Web: http://www.olympus.cz
Contact person: Mr. Petr Hanzlik, Managing Director

OLYMPUS C&S produces digital and photo cameras, as well as various medical, scientific, and industrial equipment (microscopes, endoscopes, measuring devices etc.).

LANEX a.s.

Hlucinska 1/96
747 23 Bolatice
Phone: (+420) 553 751 111
Fax: (+420) 553 654 125
E-mail: lanex@lanex.cz
Web: www.lanex.cz
Contact person: Ms. Lucie Bechna

LANEX is a manufacturer of bulk bags, container filters, bags for liquids, etc. The company is looking for U.S. dealers and distributors for one of its products - paper carrier ropes.


Palackeho 2205
756 61 Roznov p. Radhostem
Phone: (+420) 571 657 404
E-mail: lenka.ondruchova@proluxmusic.com
Web: www.proluxmusic.com
Contact person: Ms. Lenka Ondruchova 

Proluxmusic produces special music mixes for professional and amateur aerobic and fitness. The company is seeking partners in the U.S.

LABORATORIES Company, s.r.o.

Zdrahalova 22
613 00 Brno
Phone: (+420) 545 240 676, (+420) 545 240 688
Fax: (+420) 545 240 695
E-mail: petr.mares@laboratories.cz
Contact person: Mr. Petr Mares

A dynamic new invention manufactured by Laboratories Co. called the "FireBot," helps to fight extreme fires. Laboratories Co. is interested in licensing FireBot to the U.S. or manufacture it for U.S. customers.

Sanitary Ceramics Patent

Na Vyhlidce 22
680 01 Boskovice
E-mail: vladimir.jakubec@worldonline.cz
Contact person: Mr. Vladimir Jakubec

New invention in the field of sanitary ceramics -flushing bowl with special footboard and armrest. The inventor is looking for interested manufacturers in the U.S.


Frydlantska 1743
738 02 Frydek-Mistek
Phone: (+420) 556 843 300
Fax: (+420) 556 843 302
E-mail: mgelnar@iol.cz
Web: www.gelnar.cz
Contact person: Mr. Martin Gelnar   

Gelnar company is a manufacturer of police protective equipment.


Kralovicka 11
323 28 Plzen
Phone: (+420) 373 397 251
Fax: (+420) 373 397 661
E-mail: milan@ullman.com
Web: http://www.milan.ullman.com
Contact person: Mr. Milan Ullman   

MILAN ULLMAN is one of the largest wholesalers and exporters of the Czech tank-raised tropical fish. The company can supply about 1,000 different tropical fish species. It also manufactures aquarium furniture.


Na Bendovce 21
181 00 PRAHA 8
Phone\Fax: (+420) 283 850 220
Contact Person: Mr. Petr Hodlan

Bohemia Aqua is offering aquarium fish and aquarium equipment.

B.G. SYSTEM a.s.

Holubova 389
530 03 Pardubice
Phone: (+420) 406 264 565
Fax: (+420) 406 265 070
E-mail: bgsystem@pce.czn.cz
Contact Person: Mr. Milan Mauer

B.C. System, a.s. supplies ultrasonic scale prevention. This company would like to expand their business into the United States. Should you be interested in getting more information, please contact them at the address above.


Vaclavske namesti 21
113 60 Praha 1
Phone: (+420) 224 109 342
Fax: (+420) 224 230 319
E-mail: marketing@scmvd.czor pospisilova@scmvd.cz
Contact Person: Mrs. Olga Pospisilova   

The Union of Czech and Moravian Producer Cooperatives including producers of the following items: textile, crafts (ceramics, glass, gifts, etc.), leather, chemicals and plastics, wood products, electrical - engineering parts, etc. For more information, please visit their website at http://www.scmvd.cz or contact Mrs. Pospisilova at the address above.


468 31 Mala Skala
Phone. (+420) 428 392 241
Fax: (+420) 428 392 005
Web: http://www.scmvd.cz
Contact person: Mr. Vaclav Brichnac or Ms. Dana Plihalova  

ZNAK produces the following array of products:

• time switches (mechanical and electronical)
• gifts with musical machines (bells, small Christmas trees etc.)
• musical machines
• outdoor thermometers
• gifts, presents and souveniers (pins, pendants, medals, decorations, badges, tie-pins, hair-slides...)
• small metal goods production
• other possibilities for cooperation:
• silkscreen printing - lightes, openers, pens, little flags
• pressing on friction presses (25-350 t)
• pressing on eccentric press (1,5-40 t)
• alluminium eloxal coating
• turning of parts on automatical machines


28. rijna 16
415 71 Teplice
Contact person: Mr. Martin Najman

Brief list of products and services: dog and cat trappings and equipment, assembling kits upholstery, decorator´s and incidental services.


Cecinska 38
345 26 Bela nad Radbuzou
Phone: (+420) 188 495 321
Fax: (+420) 188 495 267
Contact person: Mr. Emil Beber

Brief list of prodcuts and services:

• multilevel machinery for chicken and layer-raising, unit of breeding cage for rabbits
• cement and mortar mixer
• tipping-up garasge gate
• rheostatic welding netting, installation produced appliances
• general engineering works

Seeking: co-operation in machinary production and agents or wholesalors for export of their own products.


533 61 Choltice
Phone: (+420) 457 622 153
Fax: (+420) 457 622 161
E-mail: shalesdep@cyklos.cz
Contact person: Mr. Pavel Broz - Export Sales Manager

Company CYKLOS is looking for new business contact in the United States. Production: the offices equipment, electrical and hand operated stencil duplicators, duplicating ink, ball bearing rings for all types of bicycles and metal stands for CD, Audio and videocassettes.


Oticka 37
746 50 Opava
Phone/Fax: (+420) 653 621 532, 624 228, 624 348
Contact person: Ms. Bozena Polachova

Company Zemedelske zasobovani deals with aluminum plates, wooden products, wooden toys for disabled children, alcoholic beverages (mainly brewed), chemical products (dyes, varnishes etc.)If you are interested in cooperation with this company, please contact the above mentioned numbers.

Ceska Obchodni CZ, s.r.o.

Vrchlickeho 314/4
460 14 Liberec 13
Phone: (+420) 777 599 339
E-mail: bloomberg@quick.cz
Web: http://www.rosary.cz
Contact person: Mr. Ondrej Repa

Ceska Obchodni CZ offers rosaries and beads of unique quality manufactured in the Czech Republic. It is seeking U.S. importers, distributors and retailers.

Crayomine, a.s.

Baarova 45
140 00 Praha 4
Phone: (+420) 241 485 137
Fax: (+420) 241 485 139
E-mail: danes@crayomine.cz
Web: www.koh-i-noor.cz, www.koh-i-noor.cz/volnekapacity
Contact person: Mr. Jiri Danes

Crayomine, a.s. is Marketing section of Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth, a.s., which is the largest manufacturer of school, office and artists´ supplies in Central and Eastern Europe in all fields of its production, exporting to 64 countries. They also provide Printing Works and Cartonage, Technical Rubber Technology, etc.