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Rubber Products


5312 43rd NW,
Washington, DC 20015
Phone: (202) 537-1388
Fax: (202) 537-3631
E-mail: inf@floodwalls.com
Web: http://www.floodwalls.com
US Representatives: Mr. Douglas A. Shackelford, Ms. Irena Kebzova

FLOODWALLS, LLC is the exclusive distributor of the flood control system, patented designed and manufactured by Rubena a.s. - the Czech Republic.  The Floodwalls is designed, for the protection of residential, commercial, and industrial property from damage. The FloodWalls is rubber-textile bag that is provided with flanges used for filling with water and discharge. This low maintenance, portable, storable, reusable systems can be used for protection from flooding up to 6’6” deep, with standard units. Custom units can be designed for water depths of 20” or more with the ability to control the height of the floodwall if needed. Site specific technical recommendations with design and installation assistance are also available when needed.  Advantages of re-usability and speed of deployment significantly improve on traditional sandbag dikes and other similar product designs.

Kasir, s.r.o.

Dalimerice 480
Prumyslova zona Vesecko
511 01  Turnov
Phone: (+420) 481 319 911
E-mail: jan.ulrich@kasir.cz
Contact person: Mr. Jan Ulrich

Kasir is a manufacturer of plastic indoor window sills. The company is seeking US importers.


Oldrichovska 1437
347 29 Tachov
Phone: (+420) 374 218 337, 374 218 111
Fax.: +420 374 728 087
E-mail: mraz@strojplast.cz
Web: www.strojplast.cz
Contact person: Ing. Jan Mraz (Trade)  

Strojplast, a.s. is a producer of plastic components, primarily focusing on injection molding technology. Its main line of business incorporates manufacture of handling and bottle crates, consumer goods, automotive industry components, other engineering components, etc. The company produces a wide variety of thermoplastic materials. Overal weight ranges from 1 - 4000g a piece (up to 40kg a piece available on special request). Mold casting or company logo printing available to customer specification. Strojplast is a world-wide exporter, among its customers are e.g. Coca-Cola, Ikea, Samsonite, Automotive Lighting, etc. It would like to broaden its activities in the U.S.


Hamerska 9
756 54 Zubri
Phone: (+420) 571 662 111
Fax: +420 571 658 744
E-mail: marketing@guzu.cz
Web: www.guzu.cz
Gumarny Zubri, manufacturer of technical rubber for automotive, engineering and constructive industries, protective masks. Customers: Audi, BMW, Delphi Automotive Systems, Doma Plattling, Dunlop Tech Hanau, Hammerlit Leer, Henniges Rehburg, Paguag Düsseldorf, Certifications: ISO 9001, Skoda Automotive, VDA 6.1, ISO/TS 16949. The company is looking for agent, distributor in the U.S.

ZPV Roznov

Televizni 2614
Roznov p. Radhostem
Phone: (+420) 571 604 370
Web: www.zpv.cz
Contact person: Mr Robert Kubela

ZPV Roznov , traditional manufacturer of car mats and technical rubber pressed products, is a leading European supplier to automotive industry. The company is seeking agents in the U.S.

BEROKA Recycling

Cs. Legii 4
Ostrava 702 00
Phone: (+ 420) 596 126 530
E-mail: business-cz@seznam.cz
Contact person: Ms. Lenka Kusova

The company offers high quality rubber pavements for heavy and light shop floors, sports fields, car parks, warehouses, driveways, schools and other places. Products have a long life endurance, absorb impacts and sounds, and are flexible and recyclable.

New Design Containers

Vrablovec 99
747 14 Ludgeřovice
Cell.: (+420) 607 521 574
E-mail: ndc@volny.cz
Web: www.ndcpet.com
Contact person: Mr. Oto Musalek

NCD is a small company developing new environmentally friendly bottles and drink packages. They are looking for US PET bottle’s manufacturers for their customers in the US.  They offer a new patented PET bottles and containers and they will deliver blowing moulds and provide sales in the US market.

RUBENA a. s. - Producer of Bicycle Tires and Tubes - Winners' Choice

RUBENA a. s.
Ceskych bratri 338
547 36 Nachod
Czech Republic

Phone: (+420) 491 447 584
Fax: (+420) 491 447 549
E-mail: pavel.nosek@rubena.cgs.cz, zdenka.jilkova@rubena.cgs.cz
Web: www.rubena.eu, www.cgs.eu
Contact Person: Mr. Pavel Nosek, Ms. Zdenka Jilkova

RUBENA Inc. - the traditional Czech producer of rubber products with history starting in 1908. RUBENA's product portfolio comprises among others a large scale of bicycle tires and tubes for all riding categories including Downhill, Freeride, Slopestyle, Cross Country or BMX.

Special materials and constructions as well as up-to-date technologies are applied in RUBENA's production and development processes. We have our own R&D experts for tread pattern design, construction and compounds. Development and testing of tires and tubes is performed in close cooperation with TOP Czech and foreign riders and teams competing in various biking disciplines.

RUBENA is looking for strong OEM and AFM partners on the North-American market to build solid long-term relationship.