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CIT.CZ spol. s r.o.

CIT.CZ specializes in supplies in the field of telecommunications, especially in voice systems and installation of transmission technology devices. They are offering their product CIT Reader 5 for the US market. CIT Reader 5 is a personal voice synthesizer reading texts by a PC audio output using the TTS technology.
CIT Reader 5 uses all voices supporting the SAPI. SAPI voice is usually part of Microsoft Windows. The application is a useful tool for listening a text, creating your own audio-books, reading incoming mails, mute people communication etc. The application improves itself by updating the reading of abbreviations and other exceptions in the text. Every user can contribute to the improvement of the application. Application is primary designed for visually impaired people.


Contact: Jiri Kriz
Address: Jandova 14/630 190 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic
Telephone: +420 283 890 777
Fax: +420 283 890 777
E-mail: jiri.kriz@cit.cz

Web: www.cit.cz

Uploaded: Sept 8, 2011


Iguassu Software Systems, a. s./Czech Space Alliance Praha

The company excels in design and development of technology software applications and in aerospace marketing consultancy for Latin America and Central Europe. Its core business is with the European Space Agency (ESA) and other space customers.
ISS works predominantly on space R&D projects, both from the Prague base and on sites of its partners or primes abroad. It participates in international consortia in aerospace and EU projects. At times ISS also provides its consultants on a time and material basis. The focus and the bulk of its space experience since the start of the Czech participation in ESA in 2005 has been on satellite positioning technologies and GRID technologies and efficient processing of earth observation data (e.g. SAR).
ISS is seeking US partners.

Contact: Petr Bares, Managing Director/Czech Space Alliance Leader
Address: Evropska 120, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic
Telephone: +420-235-351-000, fax: +420-235-351-934, mobil: +420-603-854-477
E-mail: petr@iguassu.eu
Web: www.iguassu.eu, www.czechspace.eu.


Logos, a.s.
BB Centrum, budova Beta
Vyskocilova 1481/4
140 00 Praha 4
Tel.: (+420) 242 425 000
Fax: (+420) 242 425 099
E-mail: david.dvorak@logos.cz
Contact person: Mr. David Dvorak

Logos is a leading Czech provider of IT services. The company offers consultancy services, software solutions, enterprise mobile applications and quality management including testing.

DCIT, s.r.o.
Kodanska Office Center
Kodanska 46
100 10 Praha 10
Tel.: (+420) 603 519 999
Fax: (+420) 234 066 112
E-mail: pavelka@dcit.cz
Contact person: Mr. Jan Pavelka

DCIT provides deployment and support of the PROVYS TVoffice  channel management system for TV stations (own product), information security consulting and audits, ISO 9001 consulting and certification.

BCH TeleCommunications, s.r.o.
Americka 15
120 00 Praha 2
Tel.: (+420) 222 518 377
Fax: (+420) 222 516 037
E-mail: ivana.svobodova@bch.cz
Contact person: Ms. Ivana Svobodova

BCH TeleCommunications provides a full range of telecommunications services/solutions (structural cabling, PBX & other phone systems, hardware), supplies internet/data services.

AEC, spol. s r.o.
Bayerova 799/30
602 00 Brno
Tel.: (+420) 541 235 466-7
Fax: (+420) 541 235 038
Cell: (+420) 777 792 825
E-mail: ales.machacek@aec.cz

AEC is an established provider of solutions and services for antivirus protection and data security. The company wants to offer their own complex security solutions product “TrustPort Phoenix Rebel“ to U.S. customers.

ICZ, a.s.
Hvezdova 1689/2a
140 00  Praha 4
Tel.: (+420) 244 100 111
Fax: (+420) 281 002 505
E-mail: manfred.joseph@i.cz
Contact person: Mr. Manfred Joseph, CEO

ICZ is one of the largest IT providers and systems integrators in the Czech Republic. The company provides network design and implementation, public administration solutions, healthcare Information systems and information security to the top 500 companies in CR.

ZOOM International
Perlova 1
110 00  Praha 1
Tel.: (+420) 221 667 557
Fax: (+420) 221 667 553
E-mail: vostry@zoom-int.cz
Contact person: Mr. Simon Vostry, CEO

ZOOM International is an expert in networking solutions, e.g. IP calling, security, call center solutions, and crisis management applications. The company is looking for U.S. partners.

2N Telecommunication
Modranska 621
143 01 Praha 4
Tel.: (+420) 261.301.500, (+420) 603.419.266
Fax: (+420) 261.301.599
Contact person: Ms. Nicole Konstantinidisova, E-mail: Nicole@2n.cz
2N Telecom is a developer and supplier a wide portfolio of high-quality Telecommunication products and technologies and the leading supplier of Telecommunication products in Central Europe. The company is seeking partners in the U.S.

IGUASSU Software Systems a.s.
Evropska 120
160 00 Praha 6
Tel.: (+420) 235.351.000 (Czech Republic)
Tel.: 650/331-0501 (United States)
Fax: (+44) 7092 034415
E-mail: petr@compuserve.com
Contact person: Mr. Petr Bares, Director

IGUASSU provides development of technology applications to customers such as Ingersoll Rand, HP and the European Space Agency. It is looking for additional US clients sourcing highly cost-effective development of quality software.

CIT.CZ, spol. s r.o.
Jandova 14/630
190 00 Praha 9
E-mail: mail@cit.cz
Contact person: Mr. Pavel Vinduska   

CIT.CZ is a software developer specializing mainly in telecommunication products with voice systems. The company would like to find U.S. customers for its original SW product, which enables sightless and purblind people to read a text with the help of a synthetic voice.

FairNet SYSTEMS, s.r.o.
Nadrazni 167
702 00 Ostrava 1
Tel.: +420 596 133 232
Fax: +420 596 133 223
E-mail: fair-net@fair-net.cz
www.pcinfo.biz, www.fair-net.cz
FairNet Systems develops PCinfo, a high-end tool for administration of small to large networks. PCinfo detects exactly a SW and HW configuration of every PC, and is suitable for HW and SW audits, network maintenance and planning, and for software legalization. It also enables a remote control of a PC over the network, remote program installations and configurations, HelpDesk and other services. FairNet is seeking distributors, agents in the U.S.

Branicka 79
149 00 Praha 4
Tel.: +420 244 466 101
Contact person: Mr. Daniel Cinatl

Ganymed provides custom software solutions enabling companies to keep track of their clients' data as well as tracking employee activity in the field in real time.

AEC, Ltd.
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Attn.: Marcela Parolkova – International Sales Manager
Phone: +420 541 235 466
Fax: +420 541 235 038
E-mail: marcela.parolkova@aec.cz

AEC, Ltd. is looking for a distribution channel in USA

Since its foundation in 1991, AEC Ltd. has grown to become one of the leading Czech producers of software and service providers for data security and antivirus protection.

The AEC product range consists of antivirus and antispam protection products, certification authority implementation, electronic registry, encryption applications and data security.

One of our most renowned products is TrustPort Workstation, which has earned the highest possible ratings in its class, such as the VB 100 award and AV-Comparatives Advanced+ rating.

Due to our success in Europe, we are now expanding into the American market, where we believe the software that has earned us numerous awards around the world will there too receive wide acceptance.

URC Systems Ltd.

URC Systems Ltd. company was founded in 1998 as a Czech company without foreign capital.
Development and production of software has been gradually expanded to other activities.

Present the company has four divisions:
*Division of Information Systems
*Special Systems Division
*Development of special applications Division
*Division of strategic studies and analysis

Company Activities:
*special software development
*development and production of industrial and rugged computers, special equipment
*computer networks design and deployment (structured cabling systems), security and monitoring systems and power networks
*special communication systems integration
*development of remotely controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED) jamming systems
*information systems design and development (Enterprise Solutions)                                                  

Machova 24                                                                                       
796 01 Prostejov                                                                               
Phone: +420 582 337 255                  
Fax.: +420 582 337 256           
E-mail: urc@urc-systems.cz            
Web: www.urc-systems.cz