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Zabrdovicka 2
658 73 Brno
Phone: (+420) 545 244 712, 545 244 713, 545 243 252
Fax: (+420) 545 210 301
E-mail: panatex@brno.bohem-net.cz
Contact Persons: Mr. Ivo Stanek - Head of Marketing Department, Mr. Jiri Dolezel, Mr. Patrik Ondra, Mrs. Petra Polakova

Czech company PANATEX produces woolen non-woven felts and textiles. Their felts and textiles can be used in the following products:

• mens clothing
• textile toys
• marionettes and puppets and masks
• pianos
• piano mechanics
• house footwear
• ice-hockey skates
• ironworks
• saddles and riding equipment
• packing materials for fine crafts and industrial products


Brnenska 3
679 61 Letovice
Phone: (+420) 516 801100
Fax: (+420) 516 474 240
E-mail: tylex@tylex.cz
Web: www.tylex.cz

Tylex Letovice, a.s. produces decorative textiles such as curtains, lace, tulles, lace tablecloths, and embroidered tablecloths, in a wide variety of colors and designs. Tylex is looking for U.S. importers and distributors.

SVITAP J.H.J. spol. s r.o.

Kijevska 6-8
568 02 Svitavy
Phone: (+420) 461 568 248
Fax: (+420) 461 568 300
Contact Person: Mrs. Lenka Karlikova

SVITAP J.H.J. manufactures technical fabrics and technical ready-made goods, for example: cotton, blended, linen and synthetic fabrics, filter fabrics, base fabrics for rubber industry, shoemaking ducks, PE-coated fabrics, camping tents, PE-greenhouses, bags, etc. They are looking for new business partners within the United States.


Grohova 1266
769 22 Holesov
Fax-Nr. (+420) 635 222 49
E-mail: styl _hol@brn.pvtnet.cz
Contact person: Dipl.-Ing. Petr Sramek

Ready-made clothes production for men and women (coats, ensembles, jackets, trousers). The company is seeking new business partners.


Svazarmovska 308
738 04 Frydek-Mistek
Fax: (+420) 658 320 44
E-mail: vkus.fm@applet.cz
Web: http.//www.globalnet.cz/vkus

Produces protective working clothes , overalls, blazers, clothing for free time, seeks new business partners and wholesalers.


Na Kavcich Horach 14
147 00 Praha 4
Phone: (+420) 261 213 255
Fax: (+420) 261 213 254
E-mail: hellasco@ti.cz
Contact Person: Mr. Jiri Trs

This company produces a wide array of linens. They have already experience doing business with the United States, however they want to extend their access to the US market by finding new business partners. They offer these particular products:

• linen and halflinen fabrics
• ready-made products from linen (tablecloths, towels, dishtowels)
• cotton fancy woven fabrics


Podnasepsni 1
657 63 Brno
Phone: (+420) 543 257 205
Fax: (+420) 543 257 746
Contact Person: Mrs. Simona Smetanova

Bohemiatech produces woven carpets. They are looking for new business partners in the United States.

MarS, a.s.

Okruzni II. cp. 239
569 43 Jevicko
Phone: (+420) 461 353 841
Fax: (+420) 461 353 843
E-mail: mars@marsjev.cz, maly@marsjev.cz
Web: http://www.marsjev.cz
Contact person: Ing. Vratislav Maly, Business Director

MarS is a producer of parachutes, military and police equipment, ballistic blankets, airplane-towed banners, military rucksacks and straps, holsters for guns, bullet-proof vests, chemical-wear components etc. It it looking for U.S. representatives and importers.


Tesnov 5
110 00 Praha 1
Phone: (+420) 224 805 341
Fax: (+420) 224 805 339
E-mail: patakova@atok.cz
Web: http://www.atok.cz
Contact person: Ms. Jana Patakova

ATOK is an enterprise association whose members are companies from the textile, apparel and leather sectors. It is looking for importers, distributors and retailers in the U.S.

Kloknerova 9                                                                                     
140 00 Prague 4                                                                                 
Phone: (+420) 255 701 333    
Fax: (+420) 255 701 312       
Web: www.uniplet.cz                                                       

The UNIPLET Corp. company offers and supplies fully electronic small diameter knitting machines in wide scale of the gauges (diameter of the cylinder, number of needles).

The UNIPLET company provides prompt spare parts delivery, machine installation, technical assistance by after-sales service, technical support and training activities at its training center or directly by customer as well. These activities are provided by skilled and experienced technicians of the Technical services department.

The UNIPLET company exports approximately 95% of its production. Knitting machines with the UNIPLET brand work in more than 100 countries of five continents. The firm design bringing adjustment stability, functional reliability, extraordinary efficiency, long durability and high quality of knitted fabric are mostly appreciated by customers. Customers highly evaluate also the prompt and professional service with full customer support. Because of that facts Uniplet is one of the top small diameter knitting machines manufacturers all over the world.

The UNIPLET is interested in cooperation with the U.S. producers of knitting machines with the same focus.