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Tools and Hardware

Svoboda & Syn

Rybkova 17
602 00 Brno
Phone: (+420) 531 029 640
Fax: (+420) 545 429 379
E-mail: cerpadla@sasbrno.cz
Web: www.sasbrno.cz
Contact person: Mr. Pavol Floris

Manufacturer of hand pumps and airy draws is looking for importers and business partners in the U.S.


Druzstevni 40
779 00 Olomouc
E-mail: davidarm@volny.cz
Web: www.david-armatury.cz
DAVID-ARMATURY is a manufacturer of wide assortment of fittings and flanges, including custom made fittings according to customer's design and specifications. The company is looking for U.S. partners and importers.

WM Molds, s.r.o.

Zirovnicka 3124
10 600 Prague 10
Phone: (+420) 267 182 749
Fax: (+420) 272 770 036
E-mail: eduard.vitek@wmmolds.cz
Web: www.wmmolds.cz
Contact person: Mr. Eduard Vitek, Sales Director

WM Molds provides outsourcing services focusing on specially engineered products, molds & tools, prototyping, parts manufacture & assembly, and material resources. The company is looking for importers, agents, distributors in the U.S. market.

TIRAD, s.r.o.

Sasovice 62
675 26 Zeletava
Phone: (+420) 568 455 240
Web: www.tirad.cz
Contact person: Mr. Radek Dvorak

TIRAD offers a complete production of mold bases, plates and frames and components for molds, as well as production of cavities for molds. The company is looking for customers in the U.S.


Kloboucka 1414
763 31 Brumov-Bylnice
Phone: (+420) 577 331 510
Fax: (+420) 723 118 790
E-mail: aplusa@seznam.cz
Contact person: Mr. Pavel Zvonicek

A + A Tryodyn production capacities for NC machining of castings, forging, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, iron, cast iron, and other materials. Component diameter can vary from 30 to 400 mm.


Kotikovska 84
323 33 Plzen
Contact Person: Mr. Radek Vlcek

Firma Vlcek Ltd. is engaged in research, development and production of bridge admissions. At this time they produce 3 types in 15 modifications (i.e. lateral outlet, joint-outlet, adapting-pipe F outlet, etc.). With the bridge admission structural modification these new elements have been applied - grate locking in frame in both directions, variability of frame with grate level for various road surface thicknesses, height and transversal rectification of frame and grate, water draining from insulation surface and its protection, bridge floor insulation compression between water trap pot and plate, joining to cast iron, PVC or stainless pipe-line. Bridge admissions are produced in accordance with the norm EN 124. Vlcek Ltd. owns a certificate ISO 9001.


Bratronice 2
Lustenice 294 42
Phone: (+420) 602 668 132
Phone/Fax: (+420) 325 513 688
E-mail: royal@iol.cz
Contact person: Mr. Roman Barton

BARTON company, producer of a hardware (dowels, nails, screws, bolts, nuts etc.), supplies stores comparable to U.S. Lowe's or HomeDepot. In accord to expand its business, the BARTON company is seeking a well established partner in the USA for a future effective cooperation.


Hybesova 53
678 23 Blansko
Phone: (+420) 506 494 119
Fax: (+420) 506 494 145, 494 162
Contact Person: Mr. Josef Skvaril

Metra Blansko is a leading company in production of electric measuring instruments. They also offer design and production of moulds, dies and special tools according to the client´s wish. This company is looking for new business contacts in the United States.

MIKOV a.s.

407 79 Mikulasovice
Phone/Fax: (+420) 413 394 318
Contact person: Mr. Weihs Lothar, Director   

This company is expanding to the US market with the highest quality goods. Offer includes equipment for households and offices, and especially cutlery. Following is a short list of the production: 
staplers, punchers, binders, clips, numerators, drawing pins, binders, kitchen knives, hunting- knives, case-knives

TEMAC, a.s.

289 13 Zverinek
Phone: (+420) 325 513 405
Fax: (+420) 325 513 402
E-mail: salesexp@temac.cz
Web: www.temac.cz
Contact Person: Mr. Robert Muller

TEMAC, producer of gaskets and seals (spiral wound gaskets, asbestos and non-asbestos sheets, braided packing, insulating cords and textiles, textile rubber moulded seals, graphite rings, ptfe components and many other various industrial and automotive gaskets) is looking for new business partners in the USA. For more information, please contact them or visit their website.


Matuskova 10
710 00 Ostrava 2
Phone: (+420) 696 235 012
Fax: (+420) 696 235 115
Contact person: Mr. Jan Pastrnak
SKET Trade, s.r.o. offers their products and services to American customers. They are looking for cooperation with an american company which would be interested in importing their products into the United States. This is an engineering company that focuses on the manufacture of safes, vaults, safety cases, car repair equipment and car hydraulic lifting jacks. They are also able to special manufacture according to individual customers requirements where hydraulic and pneumatic applications are in use.


T.G. Masaryka 113
507 81 Lazne Belohrad
Phone: (+420) 434 692 411
Fax: (+420) 434 692 512
E-mail: sales@deprag.cz
Web: http://www.depragindustrial.com, www.deprag.com, www.collets.cz

DEPRAG specializes in production of collets grinders, straight and angle grinders, angle polishers, drills, impact wrenches, explosive –environment tools, and other pneumatic tools. It is looking for U.S. importers and distributors.


Dr. E. Benese 349
257 51 Bystrice u Benesova
Cell: (+420) 604 289 868
Fax: (+420) 317 793 329
E-mail: ctirad.coufal@tiscali.cz
Web: http://www.narexby.cz
Contact person: Ing. Ctirad Coufal

Narex Bystrice is a manufacturer of hand-tools (carving tools, screwdrivers, chisels, etc.), plastic materials and forgings. The company would like to expand to the U.S. market and is looking for representatives and importers in the U.S.