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Toys & Airplane Models

RLJ Djepeto

Karlova 12
110 00  Praha 1
Phone: (+420) 222 220 913, (+420) 776 855 409
Fax: (+420) 224 097 122
E-mail: puppet@djepeto.com
Web: http://www.djepeto.com
Contact person: Mr. Milos Ivankovic

Djepeto is a leading Central-European producer and distributor of the original theatre and children’s puppets. The company would like to find new customers in the US.

Jetarrows LLC

Medlanecka 20
621 00 Brno
Phone/Fax: (+420) 541 229 630
E-mail: svec@jetarrows.com
Web: www.jetarrows.com
Contact person: Mr. Michal Svec

The company is a producer of JET models with excellent aircraft properties both at low speeds as well as in air acrobatism and at speeds above 380 km/h (240 MPH). It is looking for new business partners.


Na Buncaku 1092/5
710 00 Slezska Ostrava
Phone: (+420) 602 557 705
Fax: (+420) 596 247 220
E-mail: skanel@tiscali.cz, bod.l@tiscali.cz
Contact person: Mr. Mr. Ladislav Bodnaruk, Director

Skanel Co. is a manufacturer of wooden toys seeking U.S. importers and distributors.

KOVAP v. d. Nachod

Hradni 66
549 22 Novy Hradek
Phone: (+420) 491 478 141
Fax: (+420) 491 478 140
E-mail: kovap@kovap.cz
Web: www.kovap.cz
Contact person: Mr. Josef Kulek, Managing Director

Kovap v. d. Nachod was established in 1950. Presently the firm employees 100 employees, and the main focus of their production is mechanical toys made from metal or plastic. Kovap company is looking for U.S. business customers and importers.

ABAKUS CZ s.r.o.

Sedlackova 6, P. O. Box 103
397 01 Pisek
Phone: (+420) 362 272 089
Fax: (+420) 362 272 789
E-mail: abakus@pi.bohem-net.cz, info@abakus-cz.cz
Web: www.abakus-cz.cz
Contact person: Ms. Lenka Rosolova, Manager

Abakus CZ, LLC., a small family corporation founded in 1995, is a manufacturer of all different styles of wooden toys, marionettes and drawing and moving toys. The firm is interested in exporting their products to the U.S. and is looking for business representatives.

HEDA Export-Import

Palackeho tr. 148a
612 00 Brno
Phone: (+420) 541 235 754
Fax: (+420) 541 243 935
E-mail: info@heda.cz, heda@heda.cz
Web: www.heda.cz
Contact person: Mr. Jan Dvorak, Manager

Heda company produces a wide range of products from garden accessories, marionettes, toys and supplements for the households, garden and furniture. The firm wants to penetrate the US market, and is looking for U.S. buyers.


Na Vysluni 1283
735 14 Orlova
Phone: (+420) 596 516 427
E-mail: tritexmodellsport@cmail.cz
Web: www.cmail.cz/tritexmodellsport
Contact person: Mr. Rostislav Polednik
Tritex Modellsport was established in 1992 with the specialization in production of customized models of airplanes. Tritex products don't only attract private collectors , but their planes are also used in many TV commercials. Their reputation is known for their large selection of planes and affordable prices. Quality and happy customers is the aim for Tritex, as well as expanding their services in the U.S. market.


Jinonicka 80
Praha 5 158 00
Phone/Fax: (+420) 595 957 476
E-mail: s2gczech@tiscali.cz
Web: www.s2g.cz
Contact person: Ms. Veronika Zavazalova

S2G CZ, a producer of miniature models of airplanes, is looking for distributors in the U.S.


Druzstevni 27
513 24 Semily
Phone: (+420) 431 621 490, 621 390
Fax: (+420) 431 621 395
E-mail: tofa.trade@mikroservis.cz
Contact person: Mr. Martin Rehak

TOFA is a very well known producer of wooden toys and other wooden products (games, mosaics, beads, abacus, etc.) with 60 years experience and tradition. Products are of high quality and they meet child safety standards. They are looking for new customers in the United States.


Vazova 1
688 25 Uhersky Brod
Contact person: Mr. Janalik

The company produces dolls in national costumes, wooden toys, wooden accessories, non-typical interior furniture and is looking for new business partners.


Martinská ctvrt 1702
744 01 Frenstat pod Radhostem
Phone: (+420) 656 836-881, 836-882
Fax: (+420) 656 830 711
E-mail: orson@applet.cz
Web: http://www.pcentrum.cz/orson
Contact Person: Mr. Lukas Novotny

ORSON TRADING Ltd., Czech based company manufacturing wooden toys and candles is seeking new business contacts in the United States.


Tyrsova 890
760 01 Zlin

Interested in exporting wooden toys into the USA.