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Wood, Paper & Wood Pulp

Alena Strakova


·        The Czech company seeking US companies producing woodchips, especially in Texas, South and North Carolina and Utah

Ms. Alena Strakova
Phone: +420-790-236-072
E-mail: alena.astra@volny.cz


Nadrazni 25
242 62 Rozmital pod Tremsinem
Phone: (+420) 257 290 493
Fax: (+420) 257 290 493
E-mail: sales@ekostil@post.cz
Web: www.ekostilbrdy.cz
Contact person: Mr. Josef Vacek, Manager   

Ekostil, LLC. Brdy specializes in manufacturing of environmental friendly wooden products. The company´s strategy is to concentrate on the quality of products and services, custom orders, affordable prices and improving of the environment.


Zborovska 1358
282 01 Cesky Brod
Phone: (+420) 321 620 970
Web: www.antico.cz
Contact person: Mr. Vladislav Tomek   

Antico is a manufacturer of wooden floors and solid wood furniture. The company is looking for wholesalers, importers and distributors in the U.S.


Ohrada 1872
755 01 Vsetin
Phone/Fax: (+420) 657 637 942
E-mail: procavia@vs.inext.cz
Contact person: Mr. Tomas Quis   

Procavia Ltd. supplies rough teak and other woods. They are interested in getting in touch with U.S. companies that work with these woods.

VKS - Brdska parketarna

335 63 Nove Mitrovice
Phone: (+420) 185 594 209
Fax: (+420) 185 594 235
E-mail: jkubata@iol.cz, vks@softhome.net
Web: www.members.xoom.com/brd_par
Contact person: Mr. Jan Kubata

VKS produces wooden toys, furniture, parquet floors and wooden packing material for foods, beverages and tobacco. They want to expand their activities to the United States. For more information, please visit their website or contact them directly at the above stated address.


Lanzhotska 27
690 02 Breclav
Phone: (+420) 627 322 640
Fax: (+420) 627 321 214
E-mail: drevokombinat@bvnet.cz
Contact Person: Mr. Zdenek Valina   

Drevokombinat Breclav is a supplier of a wide rank of parquets. The company is looking for new business contacts in the United States.

Krkonosske Papirny, a.s. (KRPA)

Nadrazni 266
543 71 Hostinne
Phone: (+420) 499 501 432, 499 501 493
Fax:  (+420) 499 501 108, 499 501 109
E-mail: papermill@krpa.cz
Web: http://www.krpa.cz

KRPA is a manufacturer of paper products (paper, cut sizes, envelopes, rolls, school stationery, custom-made paper products). The company is seeking U.S. importers, distributors and wholesalers.