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The Czech-US Sustainable Energy Conference

(This article expired 20.09.2013.)

The Czech-US Sustainable Energy Conference: “Innovation in Sustainable Energy”, took place at the Czernin Palace, Prague, Czech Republic on 20-21 September, 2012.

The meeting provided a forum for Czech and US members of government, industry and academia, in the power and energy community, to discuss new and innovative ideas for the development of novel technologies that will ensure energy sustainability in the future.

The agenda featured 4 sessions:

1. – Sustainable energy generation (nuclear) – nuclear energy has been embraced by many nations as a solution for fossil fuel-free production of energy.  Much of the research in this area focuses on new methodologies of nuclear energy production to improve safety and efficiency.  This session discussed the applicability of nuclear energy in the framework of sustainable energy as well as future trends and research.

2. – Sustainable energy sources (solar, use of biomass) – there are many sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels.  This session examined technologies such as next-generation solar cells and the conversion of biomass for energy.

3. – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education – educating and training the next generation of scientists and engineers is critical to all nations in a technology-driven world.  This session discussed motivating and inspiring youth to choose the sciences, mathematics and engineering, while highlighting innovative programs such as robotics competitions, which can lead the way to an engaged and innovative future.

4. – Energy distribution (smart grid, storage, the hydrogen economy) – as we begin to transition to new energy sources, new methodologies of energy distribution and storage must be utilized.  This session discussed smart grids, hydrogen and new technologies in energy storage that are likely to play a role in the future of energy distribution.

Goals of the Conference:

1. Promote cooperation between the Czech Republic and the United States of America in research and innovation in renewable energy technologies.

2. Identify and promote potential collaborative exchanges on R&D, allowing for an exchange of “lessons learned”. Sharing of mutual experiences in development of innovation policy in renewable energy and commercialization of research.

3. Alert Czech researchers to opportunities to support their research and collaborations from U.S. research organizations such as the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, the Office of Naval Research Global, the US Army International Technology Center-Atlantic and the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development.  Alert US funding agencies and researchers of collaborative opportunities in the Czech Republic.


  • Main organizer: Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Co-organizers: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Embassy of the United States in Prague
  • Supported by: United States Office of Naval Research Global

For more information including the full agenda of the conference please visit the event website.