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(This article expired 13.01.2014.)

Nanofibers technology development company.

Founded in Czech Republic in the year 2011, NAFIGATE Corporation has evolved into one of the world's most respected nanofibers application development firms whose goal is to present and create market opportunities within its focus areas; Liquid filtration, Energy, Environment, Health & Personal care, Food packaging and Advanced Materials. The Company has taken advantage of its Founder Chairman & CEO Mr. Ladislav Mares’s global experience and know-how in nanofibers business and application realization.

NAFIGATE Corporation’s mission is to develop nanofibers application area for global market. NAFIGATE operates in Czech Republic, Singapore, and China, and employs 15 people. The company’s uniqueness revolves around its ability to develop industrial scale nanofiber matrix of uniform thickness with narrow to wide pore size distribution, and from many polymers, biopolymers, and ceramics.

Currently, though air filtration and smart textiles are the two industrial domains where nanofibers applications are realized significantly, NAFIGATE with its strong team is confident to expand nanofibers market also in others domains more importantly liquid filtration where a layer of nanofibers is expected to give a big increase in efficiency, less pressure drop that results greater energy savings, and in lithium batteries where the nanofiber web is expected to increase the transport and conductivity.  

The key for successful market depends on the nanofiber diameter, length, web thickness, uniformity, narrow pore size and distribution, optimized productivity, and process economy and stability, which are already the know-how of NAFIGATE. NAFIGATE’s participation as a development partner or consultant or as an expert service provider should shorten the innovation time-to-market, and create numerous commercial potential projects and products jointly in the field of nanofibers.



NAFIGATE portal is a leader in creating materials for academic, professional and investors in major languages; English, Chinese, Japanese, and Czech, and connects industry and business professionals with researchers and academicians.

Through portal, the company is offering Feasibility Study, Technical Report, Patent Search, State of the Art Study, Product Innovation Study, and Project Proposal for sale. There is a fee for offering the expert services, royalty for business match-making, and also for advertisement.

It also possesses a referral program that will reward companies who want to expand their business.

NAFIGATE’s industry analysts utilize a variety of research sources in preparing technical and market analysis reports that are aimed to support the product innovation and market penetration.

NAFIGATE’s topics of the month serves to receive the commercial views on a promising area from academic experts, industry leaders including but not limited to technology companies, utilities and other service providers, industry associations, government agencies, and the investment community executives, and marketing professionals.



Owing to the rapid rise in market demand for nanofibers, NAFIGATE is poised to become the new destination for investors. The nanofiber presents an opportunity to invest on high performance liquid, air filtration membranes, energy materials, and health care and bio/ intelligent-packaging products.



The income is generated from the sales of NAFIGATE products, technical consultation, project management, and IP licenses. 



You are invited to contact Ms. Martina Kutíková at her office number +420 483 034 516/ email martina.kutikova@nafigate.com at your earliest convenience to discuss your possible interest in project partnership or investment and/or any further information.