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Pavol Floriš - DOZEP

(This article expired 14.01.2014.)

Company offers wind water pumps.


Dear business partners,

Let me introduce our company and offer you a business cooperation. Company FLORIS Prague was founded 20 years ago on the basis of interest in the use of wind energy for water pumping. For these purposes we have gradually developed, tested and put into production a simple unique wind pump type FLORIS.

Pumps are made from high quality materials and are fully functional in extreme weather conditions. Unique solution of windmill, number, shape and size of the vanes using the wind speed from 2 m/s (> stage 2 on the Beaufort scale) and adjusts speed to prevent overloading of pump due to strong winds speed of more than 8 m/s (> 5 degree Beaufort scale).

According to the requirement, we produced stationary and mobile types. In the basic version is height of pumping (depth of water in the water source) up to 50 meters, in the modified version even above 100 meters. The pump is maintenance-free, without the need for the operator.

Most desirable type of pump is "FLORIS PV 65", stroke 90 mm. During the wind speed 3 m/s is pumped 6.76 liters of water per minute (406 l/h, 9.7 m3/day). In the case of a request for guidance and emergency lighting, we can supply also with auxiliary electric generator 12 V, output of 150 W. Another option is a combination of hand-operated pump.

The highest utility value of pumps is in areas where there is no connection to the electricity power system network and where the use of power generators is economically unrealistic due to cost of fuel. In these locations are wind pumps "FLORIS" ideal for water supply.

Provision of at least a basic amount of water for the needs of the local population, basic agricultural production and livestock breeding is a prerequisite for the sustainability of life in these areas. Wind pumps "FLORIS" in combination with the accumulation ensure:
- Increasing the quantity of used water - continuous pumping into the storage tanks
- Improve the quality of water - by covering of head of well or borehole the protection against
ingress of contamination during traditional water scoping and better water filtration due to flow
throw soil profile during continuous pumping
- The possibility of further gravity water supply to remote distribution points, drinking troughs for
cattle, irrigation

Main possibilities of utilization of pump "FLORIS":
- Pumping of water for drinking water supply - direct consumption (depending on the water
source or in combination with water treatment), toiletry, domestic use etc.
- Pumping or recirculation of water in places of drinking troughs for livestock
- Water supply for irrigation systems (with possibility to connect dropping irrigation)
- Pumping to reduce groundwater level
- Recirculation for oxygenation by fishponds (fish farming)
- Drain pumping to clean water sources and wells

In case of your interest it is possible to discuss business cooperation variants:
- Delivery of products at a price determined by the technical specification (type, depth of
pumping, number of ordered pieces etc.)
- Joint venture with production and assembly in the most convenient location in accordance with
the availability and cost of individual parts, costs of production, transportation, taxes and
duties and place for final sale and placement
- Sale of license for the production in individual steps (sending experts to implementation a
complete production, delivery of manufacturing technology and technical documentation as a
sale of intellectual property (patent))

The products have compatibility "CE" according to European standards and European directives. The products are protected by patent (industrial legal protection).

One of the Millennium Development Goals, defined and accepted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in September 2000, "halve, by 2015, Proportion of population with sustainable access to an improved water source, urban and rural." In many areas of the world, this goal at the start of 2013 is still unfulfilled. We believe that this situation can be by joint projects and ensuring of appropriate action in combination with a simple and affordable technology FLORIS Prague improved. To choose the most appropriate and economically sustainable solutions, taking into account the specific situation of the each country, region and specific location, we cooperate with experienced team of water management and hydrogeological experts from the company Pöyry Environment a.s. (www.poyry.cz).

Ladies and gentlemen, in conclusion to express the belief that your eventual decision to cooperate in the future together you will consider as lucky not only for both parties, but especially for the end-user of designed and implemented projects and supplies.

With anticipation of your response, in a deep respect

Pavol Floriš
General manager & company owner

Pavol Floriš
Levobřežní 8
190 00 Praha 9
Czech Republic

phone: +420 724 840 937
Skype: pavol.floris8
e-mail: p.floris@centrum.cz
web: http://p.floris.sweb.cz/