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Visa and Consular Information

Superlegalzation of documents between Czech Republic and UAE

With the closure of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Prague as of 31 December 2021, a new temporary procedure has been in place for the process of superlegalization of official documents issued in the Czech Republic to be used in the… more ►

Employment and seasonal employment schengen visa applications only at VFS

As of 16 May 2022 schengen visa applications for the purpose of employment and seasonal employment are done ONLY at VFS in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. More information what documents need to be presented are found in the section "Visa and Consular… more ►

Validity of Vaccination Certificate

The new Protective Measure of the Czech Republic of 15 February 2022 sets the validity of the EU Digital COVID Certificate to 270 days from the date of the last (meaning not the booster dose) vaccination. In case the booster dose has been… more ►

Travel insurance covering comprehensive health care exclusively with Pojišťovna VZP a.s.

As of 2 August 2021, the Act on the Residence of Foreigners newly stipulates the obligation for foreign nationals entering the territory with the intention of staying more than 90 days in the Czech Republic, to submit travel insurance ONLY as… more ►

EU Digital Covid Certificate : European Commission adopts equivalence decision

The European Commission adopted three new equivalence decisions certifying that COVID-19 certificates issued by Cabo Verde, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are equivalent to the EU Digital COVID Certificate on 10 December 2021. As a… more ►

"Zivno Visa" disclaimer

It has come to the attention of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abu Dhabi that incomplete or untrue information is circulated on selected social media regarding a particular long-term visa for the Czech Republic. The "Zivno Visa" is in fact… more ►

NEWS: Entry to the Czech Republic as of 9 April 2022

As of 9 April 2022 the protective measures regarding entry into the Czech Republic with respect to the epidemic of COVID-19 have been suspended. Entry into the Czech Republic is no longer subject to any special epidemiological conditions to… more ►