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Make an appointment

Making an appointment for a Long-Term Visa or Residence Permit

To make an APPOINTMENT send an email to the Consulate of the Embassy: visa_abudhabi @mzv.cz 

The email must include information about the APPLICANT:

  1. first name and surname
  2. date of birth
  3. passport number
  4. purpose of travel for long-term visa/ residence permit
  5. phone number
  6. e-mail


The Embassy will not respond to attempts which do not follow the above mentioned procedure.

Applications will be accepted and processed chronologically. In one e-mail it is possible to ask for a slot for only one applicant (the only exception is in case of minor applicant whose request for slot will be accepted in the same e-mail as of his/her parent).

The applicant will receive an appointment only if the e-mail contains all necessary requirements.

Appointment dates are final and unchangeable. Cancelled appointments cannot be replaced by other applicants. If the applicant cancels the appointment, a new appointment must be arranged via e-mail by the same procedure.