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Photo: Beata Matusiková
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Czech Development Aid in Cameroon: Reconstruction of school and construction of kitchen in an orphanage

During the summer of 2021, the reconstruction of the adjacent school was carried out in the local orphanage, the new cuisine was built and the new much safer main gate was installed by the financial support of the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic perceives the need to assist in developing countries and contribute to improving local people's living conditions and develop their potential. Thanks to the Government Program of the Development Assistance of the Czech Embassy in Nigeria, through the Institute of Little Local Project, financially contributed to the implementation of the reconstruction of the school and the construction of the kitchen in the orphanage. Two classes were completed from allocated funds, which will allow children to teach children in less cramped conditions. At the same time, a new kitchen was built, which will allow the preparation of a warm meal for children and educators, and an the main gate has been replaced, which will ensure more safety for the children. Construction of these capacities will certainly contribute to improving the living conditions of children and to ensure access to basic education in more pleasant conditions that are still a challenge in sub-Saharan countries.


Written by: Beata Matusiková, Economic Counsellor, Czech Embassy in Nigeria


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