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Opening of the Honorary Consular Office in N´Djamena

On November 24, 2021, the ceremonial opening of the honorary consular office in N´Djamena took place. The consulate was opened by the Special Representative for the Sahel, Tomáš Uličný, with the participation of Deputy Ambassador in Abuja Hana Trousilová, a representative of the African Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jan Czerný, and a representative of the Ministry of Defense, Martin Dunaj. The ceremony was also attended by Mahamat Bachir Cherif, Minister of Territorial and Decentralization, Oumar Ibn Daoud, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Chadians, and two traditional rulers, Emir Alhadj Mbang Adji Woli of Chari Baguirmi, and Emir of Dartama, Ahmat Mahamat Ourbo.

Mahamat Ibrahim Siam was approached by Ambassador Skolil during his visit to Chad in February 2020 with the proposal to become an honorary consul. Mr. Siam accepted the offer, met all the conditions for appointment and received an exequatur on September 30, 2021. In the meantime, ie as a candidate for the post of honorary consul, he has already proved to be a valid, effective and useful liaison of the Embassy of Abuja. The fact that Mahamat Ibrahim Siam, as the diplomatic representative of the Czech Republic, is a good choice was emphasized to the delegation at every bilateral meeting with Chadian officials.


Opening of the honorary consulate in Chad