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Photo: Hana Trousilová
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Visit of the Special Envoy for the Sahel, Ambassador T. Uličný, to Chad

At the end of November, a delegation led by the Special Envoy for the Sahel, Tomáš Uličný, visited the Republic of Chad. The delegation's trip was organized together with the Honorary Consul Mahamat Siam by the Deputy Ambassador Hana Trousilová, other participants were Jan Czerný on behalf of the Department of Sub-Saharan Africa of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Martin Dunaj on behalf of the Defense Policy and Strategy Section of the Ministry of Defense.

In addition to the main goal of the trip, which was the opening of an honorary consular office in N´Djamena, Ambassador Uličný held bilateral talks with representatives of the government, army, opposition and representatives of EU member states. The negotiations confirmed that Chad is a country that offers a wide field of activity and is a promising trading partner of the Czech Republic, especially in the field of defense, oil extraction and storage, geological exploration and mining, processing of agricultural products and import of textile products. The delegation also visited one of the largest plants in Chad, the Brasseries du Chad brewery and beverage plant.


ČAD Uličný