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General overview

Short terem Schengen visa applicants please contact the agent for appointment.
Applicants for long term visa and long-term residence permit traveling to the Czech Republic make appointment for visa submission  with the Czech Embassy Accra  by email only.

We accept  Schengen visa applications from  the citizens of Burkina Faso, Cote d´Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Togo.

We  accept  Schengen  visa applications for  Slovakia from Ghanaian citizens only. In these cases please contact the Slovakian Embassy in Abuja at first.


Embassy of the Czech republic, 2, Hilla Liman Highway,  Kanda, Accra

Telephone :  00233(0) 540 126 815-6

Email: consulate_accra@mzv.cz, visa_accra@mzv.cz, student_accra@mzv.cz, zamkarta@mzv.cz

Working hours

Till further notice , limited consular/visa services are available only.
For more info, please contact us by email.

Schengen (upto 90 days) : Wednesday and Thursday  by appointment only 

Long-term visa/residence permit 'over 90 days): Monday and Tuesday  9:00  - 14:00 

Superlegalization: Friday  9:00 - 11:00  (when the documents are ready the Consular staff will contact you by phone)

We are closed on  Czech public holidays

1 January - New Year's Day

19 April - Good Friday

22 April - Easter

1 May - May Day

8 May - Liberation Day

5 July - Cyril and Methodius

6 July - Jan Hus Day

28 September - Czech Statehood Day

28 October - Czechoslovakia Day

17 November - Freedom and Democracy Day

24 -26 December - Christmas

More useful consular info  available  at  the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic.
Coronavirus - Ministry of Interior  of Czech Republic -  info
Coronavirus - Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic - instant update

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Visa overview

Visa is issued into a passport (travel document) of a foreigner in a form of a visa sticker. Every applicant, including a child, is issued with an individual visa sticker. This applies even if the child does not have own passport and is… more ►