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Visa Appointment Booking System

I. Applicants for a short-stay Schengen visa to the Czech Republic and Slovakia should kindly book an appointment

at  the visa center of VFS Global in Accra at the following website:

Welcome to VFS Global | vfsglobal

Address: VFS Global
1st fl, Atlantic towers
Airport city

Helpline: +233 30 274 6218

E-mail: info.czgh@vfshelpline.com

For further information, please consult VFS Global website.

II. Applicants  for long term visa  and long term residence permit  should  kindly  book an  appointment
with the Czech Embassy Accra  by email only.

Please note that you should send a booking email ONLY at the moment when all necessary documents for long term visa/long term residence permit are COMPLETE. Therefore, if you send a booking email and the Embassy will discover that your documents are INCOMPLETE or their validity is EXPIRED, the appointment will not be scheduled. Based on this procedure the Embassy can guarantee that a free appointment slot will only be given to those applicants whose documentation is fully prepared.

Please note, that started  29th November, 2019 appointment slots for long-term visa and long-term residence permit applications have been  separated according to the required purpose of stay.

Applicants for the purpose of study should schedule an appointment on the following email:


Applicants for the purpose of  work (employee card) should kindly book an appointment on the following email:


Bi-monthly limit for employee card appointments is 5.

All other applicants (every other purpose of stay) should schedule an appointment on the following email:


The booking slots for long-term visa and long-term residence permit applications are opened  from the  last working  day of the month

from 8:00 a.m. Ghana local time.

E-mails received before this time will not be considered as valid.

Booking requests on  wrong email address  is considered  as  invalid  and  will be given  no appointment.  In subject of the email present your passport number. 

Each applicant  is allowed to send  ONE (1) e-mail only. Applicants who will send more than 1 e-mail (in case of duplicity of his/her passport number in the subjects of the e-mails), will be excluded. The applicant will  receive  an  confirming email from us.

The email booking an appointment must contain the following data:

  1. first name and surname of the applicant
  2. date of birth
  3. passport number
  4. purpose of travel (e.g. study, family reunification, business, culture, blue card)
  5. phone number
  6. e-mail
  7. attachment- scan of the passport data page (in pdf  format)
  8. attachment- scan of the document proving the travel purpose (e.g. sport - signed professional contract, employee card - complete and signed future employment contract of the applicant, study purpose - acceptance letter of the university, family reunification - marriage certificate, birth certificate in the .pdf format)

The received applications will be accepted and processed chronologically. The applicant will only be given an appointment date if all the necessary requirements are fulfilled. All correct e-mails received before the available capacity is reached will be answered with an automatic response and will be processed within 7 days.  When the capacity is reached, the applicant will receive an automatic response and can schedule an appointment date the following month.

The appointment dates are final and unchangeable. Cancelled appointments cannot be replaced by other applicants. If the applicant cancels his/her appointment, a new appointment must be arranged via e-mail under the  above described procedure.

There is no other way to make an appointment for submission of above mentioned applications. The Embassy will not respond to attempts which do not follow the above described procedure.

Please note, that started  September 1 2019 the annual  quota  for employee cards is 30 and he long stay visas for the purpose of business is 8.

Please note that attempts to send registrations in bulk using software tools may be evaluated as spam by the antispam security of the mzv.cz domain in order to ensure the functionality of the system for all applicants, as a result of which such registrations will not be taken into account.