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Trade and Economy

Mutual economic and trade relations date back to the period following the end of the Word War I. The tradition has been established by the delivery of the first ever ammunition factory in early 1920s. From then on Ethiopia was for Czech investors always very interesting and one of biggest and the most sought out trade partners in Africa.

The present day Czech producers and investors - unfortunately (except for a rare individual cases) - did not continue in this tradition. The Slovak Republic took a different approach - the Slovak private company Matador privatized the Ethiopian State Enterprise ADDIS TYRE, supplied in the past by former Czechoslovakia. Despite that, Ethiopia is still a market for Czech companies, where the Czech products, unwinding from previous deliveries of big investment projects would without any doubt find their buyer (energy sector, food industry etc.).

In the past a co-operation in the area of so called "defence industry" played always very important role in the structure of mutual trade relations. Recognizing the fact that Ethiopia for years operated the Czech made jet trainer aircraft a Czech producer AERO VODOCHODY Co. undertook a very successful presentation of the then new L-59 and L-139 aircraft in 1996.

The sub-deliveries of technological equipment and spare parts to food-processing plants supplied in the past still continue. There are certain possibilities to supply new investment projects - but not so big and not so many as in the past. Even if the Czech Republic is every year invited to participate at the Trade Fairs in Addis Ababa, the Czech presence is underestimated - while other producers for example from automotive industry, or agriculture or general engineering conclude here contracts worth millions of dollars.

Detailed information about trade between Ethiopia and the Czech Republic can be found on the website businessinfo.cz

Commodity sturcture of mutual trade
Main export items: instruments and gadgets, jet engines, cyanides, water tanks and drums, food processing machines and spare parts, chandeliers, packing lines, textile and leather processing machines, steam boilers, steel and iron profiles, passenger vehicles,
Main import items: coffee, pulses, potatoes, jet engines for repair, hides and skins, cut flowers, textiles, footwear,