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Master program: Geopolitical Studies

Admission Deadlines: The early admissions deadline for the academic year starting in September/October is 28th February. The early admissions deadline is strongly recommended for students from non-EU or non-EFTA countries who will need a student visa in order to study in Czech Republic. The regular deadline for the academic year is 30th April 2019:

Language of instruction: English

Scholarships, fees and other details:

Geopolitical Studies is a unique, multidisciplinary program, offering the students a chance to learn from academic authorities and experts in this field. The program analyses and explores various and often inter-related processes that shape the global geopolitics and geo-economics, focusing on the geostrategically important regions and on the cutting-edge theoretical concepts.


Who is this program for?

We welcome all applicants, especially those that have successfully completed an undergraduate program in the field of political science, international relations, security studies, geography, history, economics, sociology or journalism. The program is also an excellent choice for diplomats, civil servants and members of the armed forces who wish to further deepen their expertise.

The goal of the Geopolitical Studies program is to produce graduates able to analyze and interpret the world, which we live in, linking together not only facts but also various theoretical approaches and overreaching doctrines. The emphasis of the program is placed on the practical application of the knowledge and skills earned; in this regard, the internship program provides an opportunity for all the students to enhance their educational experience by applying them in a workplace setting.


What is the program about?

Geopolitical Studies is a unique, multidisciplinary program, offering the students a chance to learn from the best academics and experts. The program is primarily based on a geopolitical analysis but also includes aspects of the international relations theory and international law. The Geopolitical Studies program studies how the interactions among world politics and geography have unfolded in the most relevant geopolitical settings.

The program gives the students an opportunity to gain a profound knowledge of geopolitics and geostrategy, two disciplines that are becoming ever more important. The mandatory courses will provide the necessary theoretical background, while the electives will enable the students to choose their thematic and/or regional specialization according to their preference. Some of the areas that the specialized courses and modules will focus on include:

·         World politics, great powers geopolitics, global power shifts, border hardening;

·         Disintegration processes, failed states, violent non-state actors, unrecognized states;

·         War, natural resources and conflicts, international law;

·         Political risk analysis, foreign policy analysis;

·         World regions and their position in the current global order;

Students will be introduced to the key concepts and theories and to the methodology and approaches to conducting a proper research in this field. Simulation and practical exercises will be also employed to enable the students to apply the knowledge gained to solve problems, which could occur in real-world scenarios.

Our Geopolitical Studies Research Centre makes it possible for our faculty, external experts, MA and PhD students to come together at events and activities such as:

·         The Annual Geopolitical Conference;

·         The Internship Program;

·         The Geopolitical Summer School;

·         Professional development seminars led by academic staff;

·         Round-table discussions with diplomats and other guest speakers.

As a conclusion of the study program, the students will write their final thesis under the supervision of an experienced academic/expert, which will give them the opportunity to make use of the theoretical and empirical knowledge they have gained and to employ their analytical skills.


The Geopolitical Studies program would beyond any doubt further the prospective career of the students and greatly enhance their analytic skills in the field of geopolitics, policy analysis and international relations in general. In the world we live in, such skills will always be in a high demand. This Geopolitical Studies program is offered by Charles University – Top 1% Among Universities Worldwide. Czech Republic is the 6th safest country in the world (The Global Peace Index 2017).

The Geopolitics Research Center:
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