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Rok 2020 - plánované veletrhy:

1. Aqaba Air Show 2020

This Air Show is organized by the Aqaba Zone Authority

Date: 20-21 March, Place: Aqaba City, Jordan

Contact:  http://www.aqabaairshow.com

2. Jordanian International Civil Engineering Conference

This conference will cover Structures and Materials Assessment and Retrofitting of Structures, Geotechnical, Water, Wastewater, and Environmental Engineering, Construction Management Sustainability and Green Building.

Date: 24-26 March, Place: Grand Hyatt Amman, Amman, Jordan

Contact: mailto: jicec@jea.org.jo,   http://www.jeaconf.org/jicec/Venue 


3. 5th IEEE Middle East and Africa Conference on Biomedical Engineering

This conference will provide a forum for professional engineers, scientists, and academics engaged in research and development to convene and present their latest scholarly work in biomedical engineering.

Date: 24-26 March, Place: Amman, Jordan

Contact: mailto: mecbme@yu.edu.jo,   https://mecbme2020.yu.edu.jo/


4. MENA Digital Economy Summit

This Summit will bring together experts from the financial sector to discuss the latest developments in the market together.

Date: 28-30 March, Place: King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre Hilton, Madaba

Contact: mailto: khnusair@afaqgroupadv.com, hhttps://www.meblockchain.net/


5. JIMEX International Machinery and Electro-mechanical Exhibition

The 17th International Machines and Electro-mechanical Exhibition; Machinery, Electricity, Automation, Energy, Renewable Energy, Water, HVAC & R, Tools and Industrial Supplies.

Date: 6-9 April, Place: Amman International Motors Show Center – Airport Road

Contact: +96265658501,   www.jimex.jo


6. SPARK Exhibition 2020

Electrical and Electronics Show: IT, Internet, Computer Engineering, Electronics, Smart Grid & Scada.

Date: 06-09 April, Place: Le Royal Hotel - Jordan

Contact: http://jordanfairs.com/index.php/buildprojects/spark-exhibition-2019/


7. International Conference on Information and Communication Systems

This Conference’s focal topics include AI, Mobile Computing, Networking, Information Security and Cryptography, Intrusion Detection and Computer Forensics, and IT Applications, etc.

Date: 07-09 April, Place: Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan

Contact: mqquwaider@just.edu.jo, http://www.just.edu.jo/icics/icics2020/contact.html


8. The Second International Conference on New Trends in Information Technology – NTIT 2020

This Conference focuses on six main tracks: Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Computer Security, Data Science, Network Technologies, and High-Performance Computing.

Date: 09-11 June, Place King Abdullah II School of Information Technology, the University of Jordan

Contact: https://www.ntit-conf.com/


9. Jordan International Food Exhibition 2020

Jordan Food Exhibition will gather importers, traders, manufacturers and owners of hypermarkets and   shopping malls, and will include free samples of the showcased food items.

Date: 10-14 June, Place: International Conferences & Exhibitions Center on Airport road

Contact: Tel. +962790848435,  info@ipco.com


10. The 14th Jordan Build

Jordan Build will boost the investment in this vital and growing sector in the Jordanian, Arab, and international markets, offering new opportunities for cooperation & trade exchange.

Date: 20-23 July, Place: International Conferences & Exhibitions Center on Airport Road

Contact: Tel. +96265664867, https://jordanbuild.net/contact


11. Interbuild Jordan Fair 2020 – Near East Edition

The 13th Fair and Forum for Construction Industries, Building Material, Stones, Marble & Granite, Lighting and Installation Techniques.

Date: 14-17 September, Place: Zara Halls / Grand Hyatt Amman Hotel

Contact: +96265658501, info@jordanfairs.com,  goldgate@go.com.jo


12. Stonejo Show 2020

The 8th Jordanian International Exhibition for Stones, Marbles, Granite Industry & Trade.

Date: 14-17 September, Place: Zara Halls / Grand Hyatt Amman Hotel

Contact: +96265658501, info@jordanfairs.comgoldgate@go.com.jo


13. The 3rd Congress of the Jordanian Society for Obesity Surgery

The Congress will cover topics like the Non-Surgical approach to treat obesity, Diet in prevention and treatment of obesity, Revisional Surgery, Early and long-term outcomes of bariatric surgery, etc.

Date: 02-03 October, Place: Landmark Hotel Amman

Contact: +962 6 581 9003, www.eventscons.com, info@eventscons.com


14. M&I Private Europe Autumn

Learn with 110 European buyers and 130 global suppliers from across the MICE industry and form new partnerships in an intimate environment, away from the noise and shadow of the hard brands.

 Date: 22-26 November, Place: Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea, Amman.

 Contact: pjurvanen@mi-forums.com,  



15. The 9th Jordan International Chemical Engineering Conference IX JIChEC09

The conference topics include Structural and Materials Eng., Transportation Eng., Water Resources

and Environmental Eng., Geotechnical Eng., and Project Management and Governance.

Date: 01-03 December, Place: Amman – Jordan, last day in Dead Sea

Contact: +96265000900, JIChEC@jea.org.jo, http://www.jeaconf.org/JICHEC


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