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Small Scale Projects - Call for 2021

The Small Scale Projects (SSP) are one of the instruments of the development cooperation of the Czech Republic. SSP are identified by the respective Embassies of the Czech Republic (through applications submitted by potential implementers) and… more ►

Partial reopeing of the Visa Section starting July 1, 2020

Starting July 1, 2020 the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Amman accepts the visa application of 1) EU or Czech Republic´s family member, 2) long-term visa application with the purpose of study or business activities in the Czech… more ►

Gradual provision of visa services

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has resumed gradual provision of visa services as of May 11, 2020 (in accordance with the decision of the Government). This resumption concerns only certain purposes of travel and only diplomatic missions in those… more ►

Partial reopening of the Consular Section of the Czech Embassy in Amman

Starting May 19, 2020 all appointments for Jordanian public and Czech citizens must be fixed via e-mail: consulate_amman@mzv.cz more ►

LIVE STREAM: Prague Spring 2020: Opening Concert

The Prague Spring International Music Festival is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. It is the oldest classical music festival in the Czech Republic. The world's top musicians perform at the festival. more ►

Traveling During the State of Emergency in the Czech Republic because of the coronavirus

Based on the decision of the Government of the Czech Republic declaring the state of emergency, the following travel restrictions related to high epidemic risk countries will take effect on Saturday March 14th, 2020 (0:00 AM). Effective from… more ►

Receiving applications through VFS Ramallah temporarily postponed due to the coronavirus

Starting March 11, 2020 due to the technical reasons and the fact, that the coronavirus is spreading worldwide, receiving Schengen visa applications by the Czech embassy in Amman (through VFS Ramallah office) has been temporarily postponed. more ►

Accepting of all visa applications (short-term, long-term) to the Czech Republic suspended due to the coronavirus spread

The visa process is completely stopped based on the decision of the Czech government (no. 198 issued on March 12, 2020 - enclosed below); at the same time starting March 16, 2020 all foreigners are banned from entering the Czech Republic if not… more ►

The Czech Republic again collaborated with the Human Rights Film Festival “Karama”, an active reminder of Human Rights Day


From December 10-12, 2019, the 10th Karama human rights film festival was held in Amman. In addition to the Czech Republic, the EU Delegation, France and Sweden were the main partners of the festival, as mentioned several times by the director… more ►

Remembrance Day to mark the victims of The War – laying the wreath


On November 11, 2019, the Ambassador J. Koutsky and Deputy Defence Attaché of the Embassy of the Czech Republic commemorated Remembrance Day and honored memory of the victims of World War by laying a wreath at the residence of the British… more ►