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Changes of visa procedures and appeals from July 31, 2019

In connection with the amendments to the relevant laws, here is information about the changes that are related directly to visa applicants:
Amendments to Act no. 326/1999 Coll. on the Residence of Foreign Nationals valid as of July 31, 2019.

 Long-term visas and Residence permits

1. Supporting documents: are submitted only in paper form – therefore the possibility of receiving any documents via data box (such as confirmation of student accommodation) will be eliminated.

Also a consent of parents regarding child’s stay in the territory of the Czech Republic is only submitted in original form (a certified copy is longer accepted)


The fee related to long-term visas will remain 2,500 CZK but it is paid by all categories of applicants including students.  However, a fee of 5,000 CZK is submitted by applicants applying for a long-term visa for business purpose.

The fee for accepting applications for residence permits is 2,500 CZK.

Exception- a fee of 5,000 CZK is submitted by applicants applying for residence permits for the purpose of investment.


The fee for accepting an application for the issuance of an employee card, blue card, internally transfer card and transfer card of another EU member state is 5,000 CZK.


Categories with free application:

  • Children under age of 6;
  • Long-term visa applications for holders of diplomatic, service, official and special passports;
  • Visa applicants for a stay of over 90 days for the purpose of seasonal employment who have been granted such a visa at least once in the 5 years preceding the application, and none of these visas have been revoked, unless it happened due to the employer's breach of duty.


Holders of a valid long-term visa or long-term residence permit for the purpose of study issued by another EU Member State (with the exception of Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark) can now reside in the Czech Republic up to 1 year without having to apply for a visa.

Scientific research

A scientist and his / her family can only apply for a long-term residence permit (no longer can apply for a long-term visa).

Researchers and their family members can reside in the Czech Republic without a visa up to 1 year if they hold a long-term residence permit for the purpose of scientific research issued by another EU Member State (except Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark) and the purpose of  their stay in the Czech Republic is research.


Schengen visas


If the applicant wishes to apply for a reassessment of the reasons for not granting a short-stay visa he/she is obliged to pay a fee of 60 EUR. Filing an appeal should be submitted at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Amman. The deadline for the decision on the appeal is extended up to 60 days from its filing (originally was 30 days). No additional documents can be accepted by the embassy after the decision has been made.

Exception: family members of EU citizens do not pay this fee