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Bilateral Agreements

Agreements between two countries.

Friendship Agreement (October 11, 1924)

Convention on Mutual Relations for Legal Assistance, Civil and Trade Affairs (August 22,1930)

Convention on Legal, Arbitral and Justice's Procedures (March 17, 1931)

Agreement on Liquidation of the Open Finance Demands (March 20, 1970)

Trade Agreement (August 29, 1975)

Agreement on Economic, Technical, Industrial and Scientific Long-termed Cooperation (January, 6, 1976)

Consular Convention (November 15, 1977)

Agreement on International Road Transport (June 30, 1981)

Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Tourism (June 30, 1981)

Convention on the Abolition of Visa Requirements for the Holders of Diplomatic, Special or Service Passports (February 18, 1991)

Agreement for the Promotion and Mutual Protection of Investments (April 30, 1992)

Air Transport Agreement (April 15, 1996)

Agreement on Succession to the Bilateral Agreements (December 12, 1996)

Agreement on Cooperation for Suppression of the International Illicit Traffic of Drugs, International Terrorism and Organized Crimes (January 17, 1997)

Convention on the Mutual Defense Cooperation (October 22, 1997)

Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Agriculture (September 7, 2000)

Agreement on Mutual Assistance in Customs Matters (October 10, 2000)

Agreement on Prevention of Dual Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with Respect to Taxes on Income (December 15, 2003)

Agreement on cooperation in the Fields of Culture, Education, Science, Youth and Sports (June 6, 2004)

Agreement on Social Security (October 26, 2004)

Agreement for the Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Investments (April 29, 2009)