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Information on capacity and quotas - employment cards, business and dates of appointments

Up-to-date information for submitting applications for the above purpose.

As part of the need to secure labor for the Czech labor market and the related concept of targeted economic migration, the Government of the Czech Republic decided to introduce quotas for receiving applications for employee cards and long-term visas for business purposes, by Government Decree No. 233/2021 Coll. The main goal of the concept of targeted economic migration is to strengthen the influx of skilled labor from selected countries to the Czech Republic.

An annual quota of 300 applications for an employee card was set for the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ankara, of which 100 applications under the Highly Qualified Staff Program or the Key and Scientific Staff Program;

0 applications in the Qualified Employee Program; and 12 applications for a long-stay business visa (of which 6 are key and scientific staff under the Program).

Both of these quotas are non-exceedable, ie the embassy may not accept more applications than stipulated by a government decree. Both quotas will be divided equally over 12 months.

Student regime - quotas and procedure: https://www.msmt.cz/vzdelavani/vysoke-skolstvi/rezim-student

Applicants included in the above programs are not ordered to apply, they will wait until they are contacted by the consular department. The method of ordering deadlines for submitting an application for a long-term visa for the purpose of business is published on the website of the embassy.

Deadline for ordering applications for employee cards: consult the following info

Deadline for ordering an application for a long-term visa for business purposes: quota (6 appointments available)

Acceptance of applications for a visa for a stay of more than 90 days and applications for a long-term residence permit without a quota given by the applicable legislation is given by the absolute capacity of the consular department of the embassy.

Acceptance of applications for a visa for a stay of more than 90 days and applications for a long-term residence permit according to various purposes may be affected by other legislation or protective measures of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

* Note: Applications for appointment before this date and time will not be taken into account. After the fulfillment of this ratio quota, the receipt of meeting requests will be closed on the given date. We recommend that you familiarize yourself properly with the requirements for arranging a meeting.

Please follow this site where will be new quota opened in future.