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Meeting with Anar Rzayev: a long tradition of Azerbaijani-Czech artistic translation

Publishing House Lidové noviny published in 1984 a book called The fifth floor of a four-storey building, which contained a short story of the same name along with the story “Circle”. The author of both stories is an Azerbaijani writer Anar Rəsul oğlu Rzayev.

DHM Petr Vágner met on 31 March a writer, who is in his country simply addressed Anar. During the meeting Anar, for needs of the research tracing the history of Azerbaijani-Czech relations, explained how translation of the Czech poetry into Azerbaijani was realized. Anar´s father - a famous Azerbaijani poet Rəsul Ibrahim oglu Rzayev (Rza)- played a significant role in this process. The result of the effort  of Anar, his wife and other Azerbaijani poets was incorporated in the anthology of Czech poetry published in Azerbaijan 1965.

It was stated with pleasure that another two anthologies will be published this and in next year. One of them will familiar Czech readers closer with the world of Azerbaijani prose. This anthology will be followed next year by the publication of Czech stories in the Azerbaijani language. Both anthologies will be another valuable contribution to the mutual recognition of two nations that should be supported by forthcoming publication about history of Azerbaijani-Czech relations, which integral part is also translations of literary works.

They started on the Czech side in 1876, when Joseph Jiří Stankovský translated  Songs Mirza Šaffy from German. The first work by a Czech author has been translated into Azerbaijani in 1939. With help of translation by Əvaz Sadiq Azerbaijani readers could get acquainted with the drama by Karel Čapek “Mother”.