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Quota system for employment cards and business visas implemented from 1 September 2019

To cover the needs of the Czech labour market and to implement its concept of regulated labour migration, aiming at a strengthening of the influx of skilled labour force from selected countries into the Czech Republic, the Government of the Czech Republic decided, by its Directive No. 220/2019 from 26 August 2019, to implement, from 1 September 2019,  a quota system for registration of applicants for employment cards and long term business visas.

An annual quota of 150 applications for employment cards and 12 for long term business (enterpreneurship) visas has been assigned to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Baku. These quotas cannot be exceeded by any means, as they are fixed by a Directive of the Government. The quotas will be evenly distributed throughout the year.

The rules for registration of applicants for employment cards have been published at website of the Embassy.