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Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

The Embassy co-operated with the EU Delegation, the embassies of France, Germany and Poland, as well as the Alliance Francaise and the Goethe Institute, to mark the 30th anniversary of this historic event.

Czech participation consisted in securing two exhibitions commemorating 1989 in Czechoslovakia and Central Europe in general. The exhibition “1989 As Seen By Photographers” was installed on November 8-14 at the Goethe-Institut. The exhibition “Václav Havel in a Nutshell” was exhibited on November 8-22 at the Alliance Francaise.

The anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, was conceived as the series of exhibitions, film screenings and discussion panels, which were held at the residences of the embassies of Germany and France, and in particular at the Alliance Francaise and the Goethe-Institut. Thanks to the inter-connection of several institutions, a large number of visitors interested in commemorating this important historical event could see Czech exhibitions in both cultural institutions.

The highlight event of the anniversary was a symposium accompanied by classical music, which focused in the form of a panel discussion on the course of 1989 and the events leading to the fall of the Berlin Wall from the perspective of a broader (Central) European perspective. The panelists also shared their personal impressions of 1989 and recapitulated the importance of the fall of the Berlin Wall for modern history and the present. The panel was attended by the Ambassadors of the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, the then Chargé d'affaires of Thailand in Berlin and the directors of the Goethe-Institut and the Allaiance Francaise, whom one had an opportunity to be personally on November 9, 1989 at the Berlin Wall and the other is a historian of modern European history.


Fall of Berlin Wall