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Photo: Embassy of the Czech Republic
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Holocaust Memorial Event

In honor of the International Holocaust Memorial Day, which was established by the UN in 2005, the Czech and Israeli embassies in Beijing jointly held a Holocaust Memorial Event on March 15th 2018

The event included a special concert “Music in Times of Tragedy” that was assembled by Israeli Musician Dr. Amit Weiner, as a way to preserve the music composed by Jews during the Holocaust, which consisted of live performances of opera music, classical music, and even jazz. As shown by Dr. Weiner, music played a major role in the cultural life in the camps and the ghettos, in horrible living conditions, and truly against all odds.

This event was dedicated solely to music that was written and performed during the Holocaust by Czech composers. The live music was interwoven with the personal stories and struggles of those musicians, whom all have perished in the Holocaust

The concert was played by Dr. Weiner with Chinese musicians: Violin: Wang Yuying王玉莹,Nan Jue 南爵;Cello: Liao Minghan 廖明瀚 · Clarinet: Zhang Tianyu 张天钰.

The event also introduced a special Exhibition, "Beyond Duty", telling the stories of the diplomats recognized as Righteous Among the Nations. The stories represent diversity: different countries of origin, various countries in which they operated, different types of rescue actions taken, in various stages of the Holocaust.

In this Holocaust Memorial Event, the two embassies made a joint effort to further the historical remembrance of the Holocaust and underline the importance of responsibility, reconciliation and trust.


Holocaust Memorial Event