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Photo: Velvyslanectví ČR v Pekingu
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Jiří Černický – the outstanding Czech artist in the gallery of the Czech-Chinese contemporary art

On Sunday, 8th September 2019, several weeks of creative stay in Beijing culminated by an exhibition opening for Jiří Černický, the chief of the Department of Painting of the Prague UMPRUM school. According to the tradition, some of the exhibited pieces of art will remain in the collection of the Czech-Chinese Contemporary Art Museum (CCC). In the spirit of a long-term cooperation with the CCC, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beijing has supported this exhibition and H.E. Ambassador Vladimír Tomšík formally launched it by his speech.

Invited by the founders and managers of the CCC, the wife Aqin Kun Ying Strakova and her husband Jiří Straka, academic painter Jiří Černický, the holder of the prestigious award of Jindřich Chalupecký for the year 1998 and the chief of the Department of Painting at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design of Prague, has spent several weeks in their centre of the Czech and Chinese contemporary art in Beijing. This time, the „unreadable“ hero, who follows the work of Jiří Černický already for several years, based on the artists´ real as well as imaginary quests through world and universe, has been transferred into the environment of Asian philosophies, dramatic technological development with massive energy and human labour consumption, consumerism and vast exploitation of natural resources. As Černický said even to the Chinese media, he feels to be moving on the edge between an artist and visionary or inventor. Like Da Vinci or Jules Verne, under the impressions from the rapidly developing China he searches for new visions of obtaining, preservation and even never ending circulation of energy (as an example the energy from a wearing-off star, explosion of which looks like a Buddhist symbol of vajra). He feels accosted also by moral challenges of our time – be it the development enabled by cheap or even forced labour or mass devastation of natural resources. All of this may happen far away from us but in result can influence ourselves, too. As was highlighted by the curator of the exhibition during the opening ceremony: the Czech artist has not come to present any particularly Czech topics or artistic methods, but has straddled globally, bringing in the issues that affect both the Czechs and the Chinese, sometimes from the opposite and sometimes from the identical end of the problem.

The exhibition summarizing the results of the creative stay of Jiří Černický in CCC has been launched by the Czech Ambassador H. E. Vladimír Tomšík. He has spoken at the opening ceremony together with the owners of the CCC, representative of the Tongzhou – Song Zhuang art district municipality and the art team on 8 September 2019. Some of the pieces will later remain in the collection of the CCC art museum which for a long time serves as an active centre of promotion of the Czech and Chinese art and cooperates closely with the Czech Embassy through exhibitions and events on site or in the premises of the Embassy in central Beijing.


Jiří Černický v galerii česko-čínského současného umění