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Photo: Embassy of the Czech Republic
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After an involuntary break, culturally starved Beijing comes alive with Mucha

On July 21, 2022, representatives of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beijing attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Timeless Mucha - the Magic of Line", organized by the prestigious gallery and auction complex Guardian Art Center in Beijing in cooperation with the Alphonse Mucha Foundation.

The impressive exhibition will be open to visitors for three months. During the ceremony of the joint openings of the Mucha exhibition, the exhibition of Japanese art and architecture, and the collection of historical weapons from the Qing period from the Palace Museum of the Forbidden City, Ivana Grollová, CDA a.i., emphasized that the work of Alphonse Mucha belongs to the world's art heritage, and at the same time called the exhibition an appetizer and invitation to see other Mucha's works directly in the Czech Republic.

The exhibition maps the life and different periods of Mucha's artistic career. The interconnectedness of inspirations also resonated with the audience very well: While in the initial part Mucha's inspiration by Japanese aesthetics has been introduced, on the contrary, the final part of the exhibition shows works  of many modern illustrators, designers, creators of manga and other comics, who were significantly inspired by Mucha.

Part of the exhibition space has become a Mucha's cafe, decorated in Art Nouveau style. Visitors can thus find themselves in one of Mucha's studios for a while. Many souvenirs with the motifs of Mucha's paintings, for which the Mucha Foundation granted a license to the organizers, attracted much attention and interest. During the opening, a tasting took place of Lahofer’s wines, Pilsner beer and Rudolf Jelinek’s spirits. These products will be sold in Mucha’s café and in the hotel restaurant, which is part of the Guardian complex on Wangfujing in the city center, throughout the whole duration of the exhibition.


Výstava "Timeless Mucha"