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„Czech Days in Shanghai“ Press Conference

On Wednesday, April 15 took place at the Embassy of the Czech Republic the Press Conference on the event. „Czech Days in Shanghai“. Ambassador of the Czech Republic to China,  L. Secka  and the Chairman of the Czech-Sino Chamber of Mutual Cooperation Mr. Jaroslav Tvrdik, introduced the official programme of the event “Czech Days in Shanghai” to the Chinese journalists from the nationwide media.

Beside the programme, both speakers also introduced the main organizers: The Czech Ministries of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Regional Development together with the Czech-Sino Chamber of Mutual Cooperation on the Czech side. Co-organizers on the Chinese territory are also The Embassy of the Czech Republic and important Chinese Company CEFC.

Political Framework of the “Czech Days in Shanghai” is given by the high level visit of the Delegation of the Czech Republic led by the Speaker of the Parliament of The Czech Republic J. Hamacek. In the delegation, there are also three members of the Government – Minister of Industry and Trade J. Mladek, Minister of Health S. Nemecek and Minister for regional Development K. Slechtova. Members of the Delegation will also be three Provincial Governors: Governor of Moravian-Silesian Region M. Novak, Governor of Pilsen Region V. Slajs and Governor of South Moravian Region Mr. M. Hasek. During their visit will take place an amount of the political meetings and discussions.

The interactive press conference was concluded by the music sample of the Chechomor group which will perform during the “Czech Days in Shanghai” twice. The Conference was followed by the interesting discussion with the journalist about the current state of the Czech-China relations.

At the press konference also took part the main sponsors: ŠKODA Auto a.s., HomeCredit a Xinyuan.


What are „ Czech Days in Shanghai “

It is an example of The Czech Republic could offer to its partners in China and mainly in Shanghai. Beside the SKODA Auto booth at „Auto Shanghai 2015“ fair, there are also additional activities within the “Czech Days in Shanghai” and those events will take place between April 22 and April 25, 2015.

To be more specific, it is a Presence of the Czech Republic as the main foreign guest at the China Shanghai International Technology Fair 2015 (CSITF). The Czech Republic would be the main official foreign guest of this Fair ever in its history.  Also four Czech Regions will present themselves at the CSTF – Moravian Silesian Region, Pilsen Region, South Moravian ad Capital City of Prague. Together with the Regions, also fifty first-rated companies from the various areas of activities will introduce themselves. Within the CSITF will be also signed Memorandum of regional Cooperation between the City of Prague and Government of Shanghai Municipality, Memorandum of Cooperation between the Czech Ministry of Industry and trade and Ministry of industry and Trade of the Shanghai Municipality or Memorandum of Cooperation between the Faculty Hospital of Hradec Kralove and the Health Office of the Shanghai Municipality on Investment into the construction of the joint science and research centre of the Traditional Chinese Medicine centre for the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe. 

Czech participation will be also accompanied by the joint Czech-Sino Business Forum.

Another important part of the “Czech Days in Shanghai” will be the exhibition of the Contemporary Czech Art called Art From The Heart. the official opening of Art From The Heart will take place on April 25, 2015 at 16:00 in the modern Art Gallery in Shanghai Power Station of Art. It will be an unique exposition of the oeuvres of the seventeen Czech artist. The majority of them will exhibit their oeuvres in China for the first time.  The Exposition will take place under auspice of the Minister for the Regional Development Mrs. Karla Slechtova. Prior the official opening will take place a public art seminar during the Czech and Chinese artist could exchange their opinions and vies on the role of the modern art. During the exposition, the short movies by the famous Czech filmmaker Jiri Svankmajer will be screened and during the following week there will be the Week of the Czech Film in the Power station of Art.

The Part of the “Czech Days in Shanghai” will also be Czech Culture and Tourism Festival. Within this event will play a famous Czech music group CECHOMOR and the traditional Czech cymbalo group.

Cooperation Institutions:  Czechtrade Shanghai, Czechtourism Shanghai and Czechinvest Shanghai, Consulate General of the CR in Shanghai;

Partners: CEFC, Skoda Auto, Xinyuan, HomeCredit and JaT,

Out thanks for the understanding and long-lasting supports also belong to the relevant Chinese authorities, mainly Government of Shanghai Municipality.


More info on http://www.czechchina.com