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Photo: ZÚ Peking
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Christmas Traditions with Students - or Christmas Decorations via Video

In China, Czech language and Bohemian studies are currently being taught at more than ten universities.

In previous years, we used to have a nice habit of inviting at least some of the students from places closer to Beijing to come for decorating Christmas cookies at our Embassy. Epidemiological measures have not allowed us to do so this year. We are happy, however, that we still have found way out and manage to see and talk and have fun together with our friend anyway! A group of limited number of students from different grades came from the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) in person. To another group, at the Beijing International Studies University (BISU) we had sent material for decorations and small gifts in advance. They could then join us via video and take part in our "besídka" (little party) with us. Some other schools were trying to get connected as well. Not all of them have been successful due to various technical reasons this time - but we are sure that for future events and webinars planned on different topics for the coming year 2022, we will be much more successful.

Chinese students, who have now only limited chances to visit real Czech lands, got a chance to sing Czech Christmas carols, taste some Christmas cookies and listen to the explanations on where had all the Christmas traditions come from. They now understand that a festival of "returning light" was probably very similar in China in ancient times, because here as well people celebrated the winter Solstice as a turning point when days become longer again. The students both at the Embassy and in their studio at the BISU then created several beautiful Christmas decorations and wreaths. At their departure, wonderful tones of Humoresque no. 7 accompanied them by the famous Czech composer Antonín Dvořák, whose 180th anniversary we had commemorated in the year 2021.



Vánoční besídka 2021 - Bohemisté