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Photo: Embassy of the Czech Republic
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Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2022 launched by “Walk through Cubist Europe” in Beijing

On July 1, 2022, the afternoon event of the handing over of the rotating presidency in the Council of the European Union took place at the premises of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beijing.

Keeping in line with limitations in numbers for public gatherings according to Beijing's policy of zero tolerance for Covid-19, the ambassadors, CDA a.i. and diplomats of all EU member states and the EU Delegation, as well as candidate and associated countries were present. As a closest counterpart of EU diplomats, the Director General of the European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China Mr. Wang Lutong and his colleagues have accepted the invitations as guests. H.E. Ambassador of France Mr. Laurent Bili summarized achievements of the recently concluded French EU Presidency. H.E. Ambassador of the EU Delegation in Beijing Mr. Nicolas Chapuis presented his view on the upcoming tasks in the Europe-China relation. As an expert in Chinese language and literature and well-known translator of famous Chinese poet and philosopher Du Fu, Mr. Chapuis has been presented with a symbolic portrait on the occasion of his departure and retirement. CZ PRES priorities were briefly presented by Ivana Grollová, CDA a. i. of the Czech Embassy in Beijing. With regard to China, Mrs. Grollová has underlined that especially in light of China's current position on the issue of Russian war against Ukraine, the CZ PRES is ready to be instrumental in looking for common denominators for way forward and in regaining greatly shaken mutual trust. To symbolise real dialogue and search for sustainable solutions in the EU meetings, based on transparent and jointly agreed rules, Mrs. Grollova handed over the first souvenir mugs with the CZ PRES 2022 logo to DG Wang Lutong and his colleagues.

The afternoon event has been designed in cubist style. It was accompanied with an exhibition of Czech and Slovak cubist architecture based on photos by Czech photographers Ester Havlová and Miriam Diopová, An exhibition of reproductions of many European cubist masterpieces was facilitated from national museums and galleries by Embassies and cultural centres of many EU Member States in Beijing. A film concert of the Czech cubist music by a piano player Pavel Voráček brightened up the hall in which a group of Chinese fashion designers and artists of the Czech-China Contemporary Art Center presented their fashion models inspired by those of French cubist artist Madame Delaunay. Beautiful pieces of cubist furniture and ceramics by the Modernista studio were displayed - albeit they were the very last ones from the stock of the Coznap importer due to the continuing collapse of international shipping and rail transportation.

With participation of the President of the Škoda China joint venture and the vice-president of the Volkswagen China group, Mr. Thorsten Jaede, the more than 150 year long tradition and quality of Škoda Auto's Czech automotive products were also emphasized though car models of the cubist period. Among other things, Czech wine from the Lahofer wineries, Pilsen beer and cocktails made from Czech brand liqueurs - Fernet Stock and Borovička - were served.

Even the weather had finally calmed down and the sun smiled up after a morning cloudburst. The pleasant friendly atmosphere could therefore boost our determination to fulfil all the difficult tasks awaiting the Czech EU Presidency at home and elsewhere in the world, including in China.


Recepce 1.7.2022 CZ PRES