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Bilateral Relations

The diplomatic relations between Czechoslovakia and the Republic of Lebanon were first established in 1947. In the same year the Czechoslovakian Diplomatic mission was opened in Beirut and it was granted the Embassy status in 1962.

The successive Czech Republic was recognized by Lebanon on January 1st 1993 and diplomatic relations were established immediately. Lebanon has opened its diplomatic mission in Prague in 1957.

The relations between the Czech Republic and Lebanon have been traditionally friendly and unwavering. Within their potentials both countries have been strengthening their economic cooperation and also collaboration in the field of education and culture. The good bilateral relations were reinforced in the past by humanitarian aid provided by the Czech Republic to Lebanon. In autumn of 2003 the Czech Republic has presented Lebanon with two KMT-6 de-mining machines and in 2004 it participated in the U.N. "Trees Instead of Mines" project with the objective of reforestation of the recently de-mined areas in southern Lebanon. After the conflict of 2006 the Czech Republic contributed to the post-war reconstruction of Lebanon. The Czech Republic regularly supports financially the UNRWA agency, and is one of the supporters of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, a body investigating the murder of the late PM Rafic Hariri.