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Photo: © Embassy of the Czech Republic, Jan Čapek
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Small Scale Projects 2017

In 2017 the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beirut helped implement three Small Scale Projects (SSP). The SSPs are development projects aiming at assisting local Lebanese agents with implementing their small-scale development activities, as well as present the Czech Republic as a donor country.

Project No. 1 - Improving Housing and Living Conditions of Vulnerable Lebanese

Implemented by: High Relief Commission
Donated Amount: 223 560 CZK (10 000 USD)
Description: The objective of the project was to secure dignified housing and living conditions for Lebanese citizens directly or indirectly affected by the conflict in Syria. Three occupied units were renovated, two of which were located in the suburbs of Beirut, the third one in Jounieh. The project helped 15 persons directly, and the members of their families indirectly.


Project No. 2 - Sound System Installation in St. Joseph School in Tyre

Implemented by: St. Joseph School in Tyre
Donated Amount: 184 300 CZK (7 700 USD)
Description: The objective was to provide to the school audio-video equipment enabling the transformation of an audience room into a school theater, which will enable better music classes and school events and celebrations.


Project No. 3 - Installation of a Stell Structure to Roof a Playground in Official School for Girls in Tyre

Implemented By: Tyre Intermediate Official School for Girls; the City of Tyre
Donated Amount: 184 300 CZK (7 700 USD)
Description: The project aimed at building capacity in the Official Intermediate School for Girls in Tyre, by roofing its only outdoor premises. This will enable to use the precious space by children both in the hot summers as well as rainy winters.