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Economy & Trade

Our Mission

The primary objective of the Commercial Section is to promote mutual business relations between the Czech Republic and Lebanon.

We assist Czech companies by:

  • identifying export opportunities in Lebanon,
  • facilitating contact with various Lebanese entities such as private companies, chambers of commerce, professional associations, and development agencies,
  • keeping track of the demand for Czech products, services, and various forms of cooperation,
  • keeping track of Lebanese offers directed at the Czech market,
  • keeping track of Czech offers directed at the Lebanese market,
  • preparing reports on trade and investment opportunities in Lebanon,
  • helping organize business missions to Lebanon,
  • providing information about trade fairs in Lebanon,
  • providing space and logistics for presentations of Czech products.

The Commercial Section will also assist Lebanese businesses by connecting them to their Czech counterparts, and by facilitating contact with Czech government and non-government agencies, which assist foreign investors or exporters in reaching out to the Czech market.

We welcome any business enquiries.


Embassy of the Czech Republic in Lebanon
Commercial Section

Attn. Mr. Jan Capek
17, 419th road (St. Bechara Church Street)
21007, Baabda, Mount Lebanon
Republic of Lebanon

Tel: +961-(0)5-929 010, 11, 12, 13
Fax: +961-(0)5-922-120
Email: commerce_beirut@mzv.cz





The server doingbusiness.cz is designed for foreign entities interested in information about Czech enterprises or trade with them. The server regularly publishes specialized information on trade opportunities with the Czech Republic in different regions and industrial sectors, and also news. An important part is formed by the company contacts listed in a directory of exporters.

Czech Trade 

National promotion agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

The Czech Trade agency is an official contact partner for the foreign companies looking for qualified Czech-based suppliers of products, providers of services or investors. The main objective is to promote the internationalization of Czech companies by facilitating their cooperation links with foreign entrepreneurs.

Czech Invest

Investment and Business Development Agency

Czech Invest is the investment and business development agency of the Czech Republic whose services and development programmes contribute to attracting foreign investment and to developing Czech companies.

Czech Tourism

Agency for promotion of tourism and awareness about touristic possibilities in Czech Republic.

Czech Service International

CZECH  SERVICE INTERNATIONALis an alliance of leading Czech private companies in the area of services, which reacts dynamically, through its activities and focus on the globalisation of the world economy, to the export-oriented economy of the Czech State, and simultaneously to the growing demands of Czech export and investment companies which are seeking new markets for their products and projects. CSI, with its establishment and focus, greatly promotes on the practical level the public diplomacy of the State and its institutions in their effort to assist Czech businesses to take over and carry on where the possibilities of State support are limited or virtually at an end.

Czech Service International maintains a complex worldwide service in more than 174 countries of the world. It relies on 18 500 professionals, who are fully prepared to ensure complex local services for Czech businessmen in coordination with Czech Service International