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Important Notices and Additional Information

New requirement in visa applications for employment and study/training purposes

In accordance with the Preventive Measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech republic no. MZDR 20599/2020-32/MIN/KAN, dated June 30th, 2020, all applicants for a short-term or long-term visa or residence permit for the purpose of employment… more ►

Important notice on the revised Visa Code

The revised Visa Code enters into force on February 2, 2020. Some revisions, which concern procedure for submission of Schengen visa applications, are summarized below. They will also be updated in individual articles. more ►

Change of Visa and Consular Fees

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beirut informs that starting December 1, 2019, the collection of visa and consular fees at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beirut will be in USD and cash only. more ►

Updated information on accreditation of travel agencies

The Embassy informs about the possibility to formalize cooperation with travel agencies by so called accreditation process. This extended cooperation is based on Visa Codex (common visa rules of the EU countries – members of the Schengen… more ►

New Regulation for the Visa Process

Due to new legal regulation of the Visa process - Schengen Visa Code, applicants have to use new Visa Application Form from 05/04/2010. more ►

Schengen Visa Condition List

List of requirements for the Schengen visa application more ►