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Visa and Consular Information


                              9:00 - 12:00                                          14:00 - 16:00

Monday              Czech citizens, legalisation            Closed

Tuesday              Syrian citizens/Visa                          Czech citizens, legalisation

Wednesday        Long term visa and residence       Syrian citizens/Visa

Thursday            Syrian citizens/Visa                          Legalisation

Friday                  Closed                                                     Closed

Every person has to arrange the appointment by email at the only address: consulate.beirut@embassy.mzv.cz with the following information: 

Name, surname
purporse of appointment /short visa, legalisation etc./
telephone number

If the above requested information is not given, you will NOT receive an appointment date and time.


Where To Find Us


Embassy of the Czech Republic
17, 419th road (St. Bechara Church Street)
21007, Baabda, Mount Lebanon
Republic of Lebanon
(see map below)

Mailing Address:

Embassy of the Czech Republic
P. O. Box 40 195, Baabda
Republic of Lebanon


+961 (0)5 929 010, 11, 12, 13


+961 (0)5 922 120

Fax - Consular Section:

+961 (0)5 468 431



Emergency Telephone:

+961 (0)3 332 291 (only for emergency purposes, not for the regular questions !)


Updated: Full operation of the Visa Section at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beirut for Lebanese nationals and residents

As June 21, 2021, the Visa Section at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beirut has resumed full operation of its visa services for Lebanese nationals and residents. The residence in Lebanon has to be proved by a residence permit. The travel… more ►

Limited operation of the Visa Section at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beirut for non-lebanese

The visa services for other nationalities than Lebanese and for non-residents of Lebanon remain limited due to the Covid-19 related measures. more ►

Only essential travel to Czech Republic possible for non-lebanese nationals and residents

The Czech Republic keeps valid crisis measures banning free movement of persons on the territory of the Czech Republic depending on the risk of the traveler's country of nationality/residence. The travel restrictions and other epidemiological… more ►