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Consular and Visa Fees

The fees for consular services and accepting visa applications can be paid by a card or in cash.
When paying by a card, the fees are charged in Czech crowns (with the exception of Schengen visa fees, which are charged in EUR). The banks of clients who hold an account in other currency may charge a fee for servicing the payment.  The exchange rate of the client´s  bank will be used to convert the amount of the fee into the currency of the client´s account. 
The following cards are accepted:  Mastercard, Mastercard Electronic, Maestra, VISA, VISA Electron, V Pay, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Union Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay.
When paying in cash, all the fees are charged in EUR and only EUR are accepted! The current exchange rate is used to convert the fees charged in Czech crowns into EUR.

Overview of consular fees

Legalisation of signature

250 CZK

Legalisation of signature for registering birth / marriage / death with the Special Registrar´s Office in Brno

125 CZK

Apostille of Czech documents

300 CZK

Certification of a copy of a document

300 CZK / page

Certification of a copy of a document for registering birth / marriage / death with the Special Registrar´s Office in Brno

150 CZK / page

Issuing birth / marriage / death certificate  

300 CZK (free of charge in case of first original document)

Accepting application for registering birth / marriage / death with the Special Registrar´s Office in Brno

200 CZK

Issuing a certificate of no impediment to  marriage 

500 CZK

Czech POINT – authorised conversion of documents to / from paper form to /from electronic form

100 CZK/page

Czech POINT – opening a data box / renewal of access data to  a data box

free of charge

Czech POINT – issuing a document released from the government information systems

300 CZK (1st page) /     150 CZK (each following page)

Czech POINT – criminal record of physical person / legal entity

200,- CZK

Czech POINT – record of business licence

150,- CZK

Issuing a passport

1.200 CZK (400 CZK for Czech citizens up to 15 years of age)

Issuing an emergency travel document

400 CZK

Terminating permanent residence in the Czech Republic

300 CZK

Issuing a certificate of  Czech citizenship

300 CZK

Arms transport document

800 CZK (free of charge for participants in sports competitions)



Overview of visa / residence permit application fees (in case of visa refusal, the fee is not reimbursed)

Long-term (national) visa

2.500 CZK

Long-term (national) visa for the purpose of entrepreneurship

5.000 CZK

Short-term (Schengen) visa

80 EUR

Short-term (Schengen) visa by visa facilitation agreements  (i.e. for citizens of Russia, Serbia, Ukraine)

35 EUR

Residence permit

2.500 CZK

Employment Card / Blue Card

5.000 CZK