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Visas and residence permits



Foreigners residing in the territory of Slovakia, Hungary, Greece or Cyprus based on a valid residence permit may apply for a Czech visa / residence permit at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bratislava (see Decree No. 233/2019 Coll.). Applications for Czech Visas / residence permits  may also be submitted in the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bratislava by citizens of the countries listed in Decree of the Ministry of the Interior No. 429/2010 Coll.




Purpose of stay


visas / residence permits under the Highly Qualified Worker Programme and Key and Research Staff Programme

applicants do not register, the appointment is allocated and notified to the applicant by the Embassy

employment card

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bratislava does not accept applications for Employment Cards out of the QWP and KRS Programmes (as stipulated by  Govermental decree No 321/2022 Coll.)


All appointments for this type of visa until the end of April 2023 are taken. Time for registration for the following period will be announced later. 


(Please do not send requests for appointments now, as such requests cannot be accommodated.)


all other types of visas / residence permits (Blue Cards, Intra-Company Employee Transfer, Scientific Research, Study, Family Unification, Culture, Sport, Other, Permanent Residence, short term visa)


an appoinment can be requested by email sent to




There is no other method of registering applicants.   Applicants without confirmed appointment date will not be accepted.

Requests for appointments to apply for visas / residence permits are proceeded in chronological order as they are delivered.  The appointed date is fixed and cannot be changed. 

To submit an application for a visa / residence permit, the applicant comes in person to the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bratislava at the appointed time with a printed e-mail message confirming the date and time.   

Email addresses visa_bratislava@mzv.cz and podnikani_bratislava@mzv.cz serve exclusively the appointment system and cannot be used for general communication and answering inquiries. 



- in the title of the email: number of the travel document of the applicant

- in the text of the email: the name and surname, DOB and citizenship  of the  applicant, contact details (phone number)  and information on the type of stay (short term visa / long-term visa / residence permit and the purpose of stay in the Czech Republic)

- in attachments in .jpg or .pdf format:

            - scan of data page of the passport

            - scan of residence permit in Slovakia / Hungary / Greece / Cyprus (if required)

            - scan on the document proving the purpose of stay


The e-mail requests for appointments will be formally excluded in following cases:

  • indicating more than one applicant in a single e-mail request (any e-mail request must contain the name of one applicant only, except for registration of the members of the same family, i.e. parents with children);

  • sending more than one e-mail request for one applicant. If one applicant sends a number of e-mails at an appointment date, he/she will be automatically excluded from registration process, even in case that such e-mails are sent from a number of different e-mail addresses. If it is found out that the applicant has already applied for a long-term visa or a long-term/permanent residence over the past months and such application is being processed, his/her e-mail will also be excluded from further processing;

  • sending a request for appointment to apply for a residence permit at other than indicated appointment e-mail addresses;

  • emails with attachments exceeding 10 MB.



Documents confirming the purpose of stay in the territory of the Czech Republic:

  • Blue Card - the number of a vacant job on the Portal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic;

  • Family Unification a copy of a residence permit or a long-term visa of the person with whom the applicant intends to reunite, marriage certificate in the case of a wedded pair, and birth certificate in the case of minors;

  • Study - document on admission for studies;

  • Enterpreneurship - an entry in the Trade Registry or Commercial Registry;

  • Intra-Company Employee Transfer Card - transfer letter

  • Permanent residence - a document proving the purpose of stay in the Czech Republic (e.g. Confirmation on Affiliation to a Compatriot Community Abroad);

  • Sports - Player Contract; 

  • Scientific research - a copy of a Hosting Agreement;

  • Culture - Contract for the Performance of Cultural/Artistic Activities,

  • Health -  confirmation / contract on the provision of a health care surgery/service in the territory of the Czech Republic;  

  • Other - document confirming other purposes of  stay in the territory of the Czech Republic.


We recommend filling out properly the appropriate forms and preparing all documents (including their copies) before sending e-mail with request for appointment.


The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bratislava accepts 100 applications for visas and residence permits per month. Scheduling appointments of residence permits applicants reflects the capacity of the Consular Section. Thank you for your understanding.




  • Applications are submitted by the applicants in person, at the appointment date, including the following documents:

    • the relevant application form (filled in legibly in the Czech language)

    • original valid passport,

    • 3 photos,

    • original of the document confirming the purpose of stay in the territory of the Czech Republic (see the specification above); applicants for blue cards need to include a work contract)

    • documents proving financial cover of the stay (bank statements, salary)

    • proof of accommodation (for example rent agreement etc.),

    • applicants from 15 years of age: criminal record (not older than 180 days) issued by the state of the applicant´s citizenship and by the state where the applicant resided for more than six months in the last three years

Upon submission of an application for long-term visa for the purpose of enterpreneurship, an interview is conducted in the Czech language. In case the applicant does not speak Czech sufficiently, it is the obligation of the applicant to come with an interpreter.


All foreign language documents must be submitted with an official translation to the Czech language. Originals or certified copies of documents are accepted. Documents must not be older than 180 days, with the exception of travel document and documents proving education or family status. (Note: criminal records of some countries – e.g. Hungary – are only valid for 90 days and must therefore not be older than 90 days). We recommend that you submit your originals / certified copies as well as simple copies of all documents.

Complex health insurance for foreigners,  for the whole period of validity of the long term visa / residence permit, must be submitted after the long term visa / residence permit is approved, before it is issued (i.e. not in time of submitting an application for long term visa / residence permit). Detailed information on complex health insurance for foreigners can be found on the website of the VZP Insurance company http://www.pvzp.cz/en/.


General information on visa and residence issues is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic: https://www.mzv.cz/jnp/en/information_for_aliens/index.html  and on the website of the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic: https://www.mvcr.cz/mvcren/article/immigration.aspx


Department for Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic:  

+420/ 974 832 418

+420/ 974 832 421