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Official visit to the city of Antwerp

16th March 2015- Reception hosted by Antwerp region governor, Cathy Bercx.

The discussion was focused mostly on economic cooperation. The Ambassador familiarised the governor with the Czech mission’s aims, stressing especially the efforts to foster scientific cooperation between Czech and Belgian universities. He informed her of the positive reception of this initiative on the part of both the most respected Flemish as well as Czech universities.

More than 80% of the overall trade turnover of 5 billion € is with the Flemish part of Belgium. During the meeting the possibility of cooperation in the field of geothermal energy was also discussed, as well as the Czech supply of trams and rail for the city of Antwerp.

The ambassador pointed out that Belgium is an important investor to the Czech Republic, which is still faring well compared with the other countries in the region. Last year, investment to the Czech Republic increased by 70%.

There are also exists a partnership between more than 20 Czech and Belgian cities and towns. Some of these are only formal. Most of them are with Flemish cities, and in the case of the province of Antwerp, we know of five partnerships- Essen - Hradištko n Vltavou, Hamont-Achel – Vedrovice, Herentals – Mladá Boleslav, Kalmthout – Štěchovice, Frasnes-Lez-Anvaing – Boskovice. We very much appreciate that some of these partnerships is based on the spontaneous cooperation of various groups, such as firefighters’ units (Essen, Kalmthout).



Návštěva velvyslance J. Kurfürsta v Antverpách

Návštěva velvyslance J. Kurfürsta v Antverpách