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Division of EU Countries According to the COVID-19 Risk Factor: As from June 22 Belgium classified as a low risk contry

As of 15 June 2020 based on evaluation of epidemiologic situation, the EU+ countries are divided into three groups according to a level of risk of COVID-19 – low (green), medium (orange) and high (red) risk.

EU+ citizens and citizens of other countries with the granted status of long-term resident in the EU may enter the Czech Republic without the necessity of having a negative PCR test and without the necessity to prove the purpose of travel in case they travel from the country with low risk (green). If they travel from the countries with medium and high risk, they can enter the Czech Republic only if they belong to one of the exceptions from the entry ban of foreign nationals and fulfil the conditions for entry defined by the Ministry of Health Protective measure (e.g. submission of a medical certificate). This also applies to the Czech citizens who live in other EU+ country and travel to the Czech Republic.

Foreigners with residence permit in the Czech Republic (including EU citizens) may come back from the green and orange countries without any restrictions. If they travel from the red country, they have to submit a medical certificate or they have to undergo a quarantine.

For more information visit the site of MoI.

  • From June 22, Belgium is in the low risk EU countries category - persons/ tourists residing in Belgium are welcomed in the Czech Republic (without the need for quarantine or a negative test).
  • Czech Health Ministry published a map of COVID-19 transmission risk by district: Each district is given a score out of ten evaluating the local risk of transmission. The map will be updated every day based on the most recent data: COVID-19 Map of the Czech Republic by district