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Czech government approves further proposals to help businesses, from 11 May cross-border passenger transportation to resume

The Government of the Czech Republic has taken the following measures due to coronavirus proliferation during its meeting on 4 May 2020:

1) A draft amendment to the Compensation Bonus Act has been adopted. It anticipates that, under certain conditions (maximum 2 partners and not profiting from another form of state financial aid), owners of small limited liability companies could also benefit from the compensation bonus. The amendment proposes a compensation of CZK 500 per day for the period from March 12 to June 8,

2) all waves of the Electronic Sales Control System (EET) will be postponed until the end of 2020,

3) a bill to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus epidemic in the area of protection of employees in case of the insolvency of the employer has been adopted. Thanks to this bill, the employees of the insolvent employer will be satisfied by partial wage claims from the Labour Office of the Czech Republic,

4) a proposal to increase the subsidy to self-employed persons taking care of children under 13 years of age has been approved. The Ministry of Industry and Trade will announce a new subsidy call for April and at the same time will increase the provided subsidy from CZK 424 to CZK 500 per day,

5) a subsidy program for the payment of rents for establishments of entrepreneurs, who were affected by government restrictive measures, has been adopted. The proposal counts with the payment of up to 50 % of the total rent for the period from April to June 2020 (a maximum of CZK 20 million). To obtain this subsidy, the entrepreneur has to submit a confirmation from the landlord in the form of an amendment to the lease agreement, that he has provided the tenant with a 30 % rent discount,

6) as of Monday 11 May, cross-border public transportation is allowed again with the exception of air traffic, which still remains limited,

7) as of Monday 11 May, the current rules for border crossing will be relaxed. All citizens will be able to cross the state border at selected border crossings, which were previously used only by commuters. Railway corridors to Germany and Austria will also be functional,

8) the rules for the entry of foreigners into the Czech Republic will be relaxed. Seasonal employees or holders of long-term visas will now be able to entry the Czech Republic. Each person will have to submit a negative test upon arrival,

9) as of Monday 11 May, the work obligation for university students is no longer valid,

10) the aid for Italy from the Ministry of Health in the form of half a million protective masks has been approved,

11) as of Tuesday 5 May, new exceptions to the wearing of protective masks apply for kindergarten teachers, children, pupils, students and pedagogical staff during school lectures.

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