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Photo: National Museum
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Invitation to an Exhibition – Kings of the Sun in the National Museum

An exceptional international exhibition that documents the greatest archaeological discoveries of Czech Egyptologists connected with the research of the Egyptian Abusir takes place from 1st September 2020 until 7th February 2021 in the National Museum in Prague, Czech Republic.

For more information and to buy tickets please visit the website of the National Museum HERE.

We invite you to take the unique opportunity to see generous loans from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Great Egyptian Museum in Giza, but also from museums in Berlin, Leipzig, Hanover, Heidelberg, Hildesheim and Frankfurt am Main. There are treasures from the 3rd to the 1st millennium BC, such as the unique royal statue of King Raneferef, one of the four pharaohs buried in Abusir, or an extensive collection of statues from the tombs of Princess Sheretnebty and the scribe Nefer. The news of their discovery travelled the world in 2012.

The exhibition does not present only the fates of the rulers of the ancient land on the Nile. With the exhibition, you will move into the shadow of the pyramids – the non-royal Abusir. Abusir served for the burials of ancient Egyptian elites long before it became a royal necropolis. You will set out on a journey from the first burials during the unification of Egypt around 3000 BC, through the period of the builders of the pyramids, the imperial expansion of the Egyptian state during the New Kingdom to the period of foreign domination over Egypt during the 1st millennium BC. Thanks to the audio-visuals, you will soak up the atmosphere of the unexcavated tomb of a high-ranking Egyptian priest Iufaa, which was found 18 meters below the earth’s surface.

Invitation to an Exhibition – Kings of the Sun in the National Museum