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6th Annual Inspireli Awards & Inspireli Competition

Czech Embassy in Brussels invites Belgian students and graduates of design and architecture to challenge themselves to enter the prestigious and internationally recognized Inspireli Awards talent competition.

INSPIRELI AWARDS is the world's largest global student contest in Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape, and Interior Design, which in 2020 involved 142 countries. INSPIRELI AWARDS are enabling new talents to tell their stories and raise awareness about their own world view before they get their chance to build it. It brings together up-and-coming students of architecture, as well as established professionals, and provides for them a forum to connect to the general public. Its objective is to help facilitate the career launch of talented architects and designers from all over the world, regardless of their economic, ethnic or social background.

The competition is partnered with the Africa Union of Architects, Union of Mediterranean Architects and Visegrad Group. INSPIRELI Awards finalists obtain Certificate of Recognition from the American Institute of Architects (European Chapter) which invites them to join the organisation after having successfully finished their studies.

This year, the Department of Architecture of the Czech Technical University  in Prague, as the competition’s organizer, together with the Beirut Municipality invite the students to present their author design of the new Beirut city port which was destroyed in August 2020. The objective of this unique project is to focus efforts of students from all around the world on one common goal: to help the city affected by a catastrophic event. The winners will become part of the team responsible for the city's reconstruction and revitalization. Furthermore, their project will help support the port’s reconstruction economically.


Registration and more information


Termination of registration for the Inspireli Beirut Port competition: February 14, 2022


Termination of registration for the Inspireli Campus STU competition: July 14, 2021