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Ambassador visits Caras-Severin County

On 7 – 8 April 2014, Ambassador Jiří Šitler visited Caras-Severin County, where he – besides others – opened Olympic Games of Slavonic mother languages: Czech, Slovak and Serbian in Resita on 7 April.

Ambassador met Prefect of Caras-Severin County Siviu Hurduzeu, Vice-President of the County Council Ionesie Ghiorghioni, Mayor of Resita Mihai Stepanescu and Chairman of Chamber of Trade and Industry Petru Buzzi.

County and city representatives pointed out multicultural nature of the county including the Czech minority, informed about state of roads repair directing to Czech villages, appreciated investments to the region headed by a company ČEZ, which operates a few hydroelectric power plants and significantly participates in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project aimed at strengthening education, health service and culture within the County, and expressed interest in boosting economic contacts and tourism.

Ambassador thanked for attention to the Czech minority, informed about an ecotourism development project in Romanian Banat for supporting tourism and extended an invitation for a Czech-Romanian business forum in Bucharest on 20 May 2014.

J. Šitler visited ČEZ hydroelectric power plants and Radio Resita, which also broadcasts 30 minutes a week in Czech.

Following a visit to Caras-Severin County Ambassador opened an exhibition titled Film poster in not dead in an Art Museum in Timisoara.