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Contract for reconstruction of the Stejaru hydropower plant signed

On 8 May 2015, a technological upgrading contract for the Stejaru hydropower plant worth EUR 75 M was signed on the spot. A Czech company ČKD Blansko Engineering will have a considerable share in the project providing engineering works.

The contract, which involves – among others – replacement of six turbines, was signed at the Stejaru hydropower plant in a county Neamt in North-East Romania among a Romanian company Hidroelectrica, a Slovenian company Litostroj Power and a Czech company ENERGO-PRO. ČKD Blansko Engineering will participate as a part of a Litostroj Power, which is owned by ENERGO-PRO. Turbines will be manufactured in Slovenia.

A signing ceremony under presence of a Romanian Minister for economy, trade and tourism M. Tudose was also attended by a Deputy Head of the Embassy of the Czech Republic T. Vostrý.

Stejaru-signing ceremony