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Photo: Jiří Jírů
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Ten years since the passing of the President Václav Havel

Ten years ago on 18 December 2011 Czech Republic lost one of its greatest and most defining personalities of the 20th century Václav Havel - playwright, writer, dissident, leader of the Velvet Revolution, last President of the renewed democratic Czechoslovakia and the first President of the Czech Republic.

Reactions to his passing away were intense and touching. In Prague, the same day, people of all generations gathered spontaneously at the Wenceslas Square to give tribute by reading his texts. Everybody was ready to share his or her favourite Havel's quotation or idea. They brought candles, rattled the keys, emulating the sound of a bell, a custom created during the demonstrations of the so called Velvet Revolution. The condolences were coming from the whole world, from statesmen, artists, intellectuals and the general public. It was clear that his deeds and ideas resonated far beyond the Czech Republic and he was widely recognised for his moral integrity and struggles on behalf of democracy and human dignity.

His ideas can be reminded in Romanian language in a book Deţinut politic şi preşidente by Václav Havel.

Deţinut politic şi preşidente

Deţinut politic şi preşidente