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Photo: ZÚ Bukurešť
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Awards from 44th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2016 presented to laureates

At the occasion of commemorating 75 years since the Nazi massacre in the Czech towns of Lidice and Ležáky on 12 June 2017 the laureates of the International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2016 from the schools in Bucharest and the neighboring areas received the diplomas and awards consisting of books at the residence of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Bucharest.

Ambassador Vladimír Války emphasized that Lidice and Ležáky are a warning that such tragedies should never happen again, a fact that was reaffirmed during the talks also by the other participants at the meeting. The program also included a sequence from the movie of the Czech film director Jiří Sequens called „The Assassination“ and the reading of several lyrics belonging to Romanian authors recalling the tragic events in Lidice. The evening's guest Jiří Padevět – historian and director of the Prague Academy Publishing House evoked the events of the day of the assassination of Heydrich, the reprisals at Lidice and Ležáky and several destinies of Czech children from that period.

The event has enjoyed public attention. More than 50 guests were present, including representatives of the Romanian media.